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Obama vs. ROOT: A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for the Libertarian Party!

A recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal explained why Barack Obama is beating Hillary Clinton- the answer is, not surprisingly, SALES. The article sums it up, "With no disagreement on policy, Democrats opt for a top salesman…if you are selling a dream you need the best possible salesman to make it seem somehow possible. They found him in Barack Obama." If it is true that the Democrats have found their salesman (unfortunately to sell a corrupt, damaging and dysfunctional liberal tax and spend dream), then I believe that the Libertarian Party has a once in a lifetime opportunity standing before them. You see I am not just Barack's match as a salesman and communicator of a political message. I am Barack Obama's college classmate. Yes, we are graduates of the same college (Columbia University), same class (Class of '83), same major (Political Science). We graduated on the same day 25 years ago. Never before in the history of American politics have two college classmates run against each other for President. Talent aside, sometimes you just need a bit of luck. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined running for President in the same election as my college classmate.

On so many levels, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The Columbia University classmate story will give the Libertarian Party a unique angle to attract national media attention. What media outlet in the country could resist seeing the two college classmates running for President, side by side, debating and discussing issues, values and visions. Third party candidates rarely (if ever) get this kind of media exposure. But the real opportunity of a lifetime is the ability to so clearly contrast the stark differences in the paths we've each taken in the past 25 years since college graduation. No two political opponents have ever been able to point so clearly to how their philosophies and political visions have changed their lives.

Let's now compare the stories of two young men who graduated Columbia University on the exact same day in June, 1983. Both were children of non-priviledged backgrounds. Barack, a product of bi-racial parents, grew up as the rare black kid in Hawaii. Root, the blue collar son of a butcher, grew up the rare Jewish kid in a virtually all-black public school on the Bronx borderline in Mt Vernon, New York. Both of us later benefited from attending exclusive private schools (in both cases with help from our grandparents) that prepared us for entrance into Columbia University. That however is where the eerie similarities in our lives end. Obama and I took very different paths after graduation from Columbia. Those paths will illuminate the value of the Libertarian conservative economic message.

I chose the path of an entrepreneur and small businessman. I've started businesses, funded businesses, risked my own money on business ideas to achieve the American Dream. I've created jobs; pumped tens of millions of dollars into the American economy; made hundreds of payrolls so that my employees could raise families, pay mortgages, and share in the American Dream themselves; and paid health insurance and payroll taxes for my employees. Like most entrepreneurs, I've also failed a few times. Perhaps that's the problem with politicians- they've never risked or lost their own money. Many Venture Capitalists actually invest only in businesspersons who have failed before (and learned valuable lessons). Perhaps that should also be a litmus test for politicians who want to run the most powerful economy in the world.

Small businessmen and women (27 million strong) are the economic engine and quintessential heroes of the U.S. economy. In a modern world where small business now creates the majority of non-government jobs, I believe it's time for a small business owner to fight for the small business constituency and ultimately occupy the White House.

Contrast my 25 years since graduation with my classmate Barack Obama- the big government-loving, ultra-liberal, George McGovern-like tax and spender who favors redistribution of wealth from those that earn it…to those that desire handouts and government entitlements. Barack has never met a tax he didn't support- and it's no wonder. He has spent his quarter century since graduation from Columbia as a law student, law professor, lawyer, community activist and career politician. He's never started a business; never funded a business; never run a business; never risked a dime of his own money on a business; never created a job; and never paid anyone else's health insurance or payroll taxes. And he's never had to face the endless stream of government regulations and interference in the running of a business either.

To the contrary, Barack has lived off a safe weekly paycheck provided by the taxpayers for more than a decade now. And as a United States Senator, he'll live off a taxpayer-funded pension for the rest of his life. As an attorney and self-proclaimed "community activist," he's spent his life suing and protesting the very people who create the jobs and grow the economy. Quite a contrast.

As further background to the small businessman vs. big government-lover, let's examine where we have each chosen to live. Barack is an Illinois resident. Illinois has among the highest tax rates in the country. Income tax, business tax, sales tax and property taxes are so high, they are driving residents by the thousands out of state. Illinois is a prime example of the folly, fallicy and failure of big government and big taxes. Small business owners are overwhelmed by taxes in the state that Barack calls home. The result is a dramatic loss of jobs, businesses and residents. It's a vicious cycle caused by liberal tax and spenders.

The higher the taxes and entitlements, the more successful people (business owners, job creators, high income earners, retirees with nest eggs to protect) are forced to leave for lower tax states. The result is of course a loss of tax revenues. And who is left behind in high tax states like Illinois- the less productive citizens who can't afford to move (and who often depend on handouts from government). So taxes must be raised again to compensate for the loss of producers- the very residents who create the jobs and pay the taxes. Illinois is a dying state because of the ultra-liberal tax and spend policies of politicians like Barack Obama.

On the other hand, I have chosen to live, work and raise my family in Nevada. Nevada has been the fastest growing state in America for 20 of the past 21 years. Las Vegas is perennially America's fastest growing city. It is a dynamic epicenter of American culture and the U.S. economy- leading the way in small business creation. USA Today recently called Las Vegas, "the economic engine of Wall Street." Nevada has been among the leaders in virtually every economic category for 20 years- including jobs created. A remarkable 6000 to 7000 new residents a month move to Las Vegas to take advantage of boundless opportunity. But it's the type of people that move to Nevada that matters for the 2008 election. They tend to be rugged individualists, modern-day pioneers uprooting and moving West to escape high taxes, big government and Big Brother (in states like Illinois). It is no coincidence that Nevada happens to be the most Libertarian state in America.

Want proof of the fiscally conservative, socially tolerant (and quirky) nature of Nevadans? How about zero state income taxes, zero business income tax, zero inheritance tax, and far lower property taxes than liberal tax and spend states like California, New York and of course Barack Obama's Illinois. It's no wonder that Nevada is the small business capital of the country. Mix that with legalized gambling, and legalized prostitution (the only state in USA) and you start to notice the distinct Libertarian streak. People want to move to Nevada to be left alone by government. They want to keep more of the money they've earned (afterall, government forgets- it is our money in the first place)...and they want the freedom to do what they want in their private lives without interference from Big Brother.

Want more proof of the Libertarian credentials of Nevada? Ron Paul came in second in Nevada's Republican caucus- tied for his strongest showing in the country. Nevada is truly "Libertarian country." My Nevadan roots (excuse the pun) offer an opportunity for the best showing in Libertarian political history- perhaps a close third place, or dare I predict a second or first place Libertarian Presidential showing. In November of 2008, Nevada could become the first Libertarian electoral state.

The story of Root vs. Obama presents a terrific opportunity to gain nonstop national media exposure. And an even bigger opportunity to contrast the stark differences in our political philosophies, choices and visions. I hope Libertarian voters will allow me to lead the way and present our Libertarian case. Barack Obama liberally uses the word “hope.� Yet our contrasting stories and choices prove that only our Libertarian vision offers true hope. Americans have already voted for my Libertarian vision- they've voted with their feet- out of Illinois in record numbers, and into Nevada in record numbers. They've already chosen the right path- now Libertarians just need a candidate to communicate why voters now need to make the right choice for President. I have been honing my sales, communication and television skills my entire life for this one special moment in time.

If you plan on being a delegate to the National Convention in Denver, please write us and share your thoughts with us. Share your horror stories about how big government is interfering in your business and how high taxes damage your lifestyle and limit your choices. I will pledge to share many of your stories in my many media appearances. Your stories can help create a more compelling Libertarian message. Be sure to tell us you're going to Denver, so we can send you more information for your delegation.

In Liberty,

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is a Libertarian Presidential candidate. For more about Wayne and his bold stands on important political issues, go to:

A Debt of Gratitude to Ron Paul: How I Will Win the Battle Ron Paul Started!

Ron Paul all but bowed out honorably a few days ago- not only as a GOP Presidential candidate (announcing he is now focusing his energies on retaining his Congressional seat), but as a third party candidate as well. That shocked and saddened his supporters- many of whom are dedicated Libertarians.

But I say BRAVO! Doctor Paul waged a long and courageous battle - raising more money; generating more media attention; attracting more committed and passionate supporters; and attracting more voters than any political expert or Beltway insider ever imagined possible.

Ron Paul certainly created more energy, enthusiasm and passion than any 72 year old in American political history! And, more than any Libertarian ever.

God bless him.

He’s quite a hero. But now the onus falls on the Libertarian Party and its Presidential candidate to pick up the ball and cross the goal line. This is no time for a fumble. This is no time for indecision. This is no time to concede defeat. Ron Paul was the starting quarterback. He got the ball past midfield.

Now that he’s out of the game, it’s up to all of us to push the ball over the goal line for a touchdown. We must work together to do so.

Our goal must be success- not just gaining small amounts of progress, but to carry on the Ron Paul Revolution.


Freedom in America.

The birth of freedom here in America is a great example.

Just thinking or talking about freedom is not good enough.

Our Founding Fathers did something.

They took action.

They fought.
They fought with courage, passion and tenacity.
They settled for nothing less than complete victory.

With that attitude, a rag tag bunch of rebels; under-fed, under-clothed, under-equipped, with no formal military training; beat insurmountable
odds and defeated the most powerful army in the world.

That’s my definition of breathtaking success.

Success is all about ideals and principles…infused with courage, commitment, tenacity and passion…super-charged by a winning game plan.
Without goals - ideals and principles go nowhere.

Let’s get this party started!

Ron Paul got this party started.

With your help, I can achieve my goal of bringing the Libertarian Party to the promised land.

Ron Paul proved a message of smaller government, lower spending, lower taxes and more freedom can inspire America.

But we haven’t won yet.

Congressman Paul finished ahead of Rudy Guliani.
He outlasted Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

But finishing ahead of them is not enough.
Our goal must be to finish ahead of everyone else.

Victory is the only way to make government smaller and spread freedom. Ron Paul started the battle. He fought with honor. Now we must finish the battle and win the war.

We know what our goal must be.
The only question is how.

Together, we have the answer.
The Libertarian Party is the answer.

We can create a winning game plan that builds on what Ron Paul has started.

But, it will take more than just us, to win.

I have a big idea.

We are the only Political Party, the only Political movement that represents many constituencies that are completely ignored.

The Libertarian Party has never shied away from standing up for what is right. We take controversial positions because we stand with the rights of
all Americans- no matter how they look, worship, believe or what lifestyle they choose.

All we expect of our fellow Americans is they take personal responsibility for their own affairs, and don’t interfere with the affairs or rights of others.

Let’s reach out to these groups, ignored by the failing 2-party system, for whom we’re a perfect fit.

With them on our team, we can at the very least, give the other two parties - every day more and more alike - a good scare, if not actually win!

My plan is to win the support of these groups who support Libertarian ideals, even if they haven’t realized it yet.

We can do this, and still win votes from the rest of America.

The Libertarian Party has a message American agrees with.
We have a message America is craving to hear!

Ron Paul explained it his way.
I will explain it my way, while building on the momentum we are all so grateful he has created!


Sure, I am more of a “sound bite� kind of guy.
I’ve been a television communicator my whole life!

I might not go into the same detail as Congressman Paul when I debate
John McCain and Barak Obama. But, I will use my time on stage with
our opponents, opponents of freedom, to clearly explain how together,
we can fix America!

When I represent you and the Libertarian Party to America, I will speak of the basic issues America cares about.

Most voters agree with us on our key, big-picture positions.

Americans want:

• Smaller government
• Reduced spending
• Lower taxes
• and more freedom.

Most Americans don’t care as much about the Federal Reserve, the Gold Standard, or the underlining reasons why we fought the Civil War. Most Americans do not believe the war on terror is a fraud.

But I believe the war on terror has been handled incompetently. That can be easily explained. I believe that it is a wrong to fight a war for freedom in Iraq, while we lose our freedoms here at home. Most Americans can understand that.

Americans want us to protect their freedoms at home, while a
strong military protects us against foreign threats.

I agree with Ron Paul that we ought to pay our military more, give
them more respect, better benefits and better working conditions.

I also agree we are entangled in far too many places around the globe, and we should bring troops home that aren’t guarding our embassies, shipping or absolutely necessary to have in foreign countries. I agree we should dramatically reduce foreign aid. I’m not a fan of welfare or entitlements. But there is tremendous waste in the Pentagon and defense budget too. It’s time to cut both welfare for the individual and corporate welfare.

Americans also want us to protect their rights here at home.
Their Privacy.
Their Freedom of Speech.
Their Second Amendment Rights.

But to make these changes, and all the other things Libertarians want to do for America, we need votes. Lots of votes.

Part one:

Part I of my game plan is to keep it simple, and keep it popular.

I will aim for the average American who’s too long been ignored.
And, as you and I both know, they have the votes we need to win elections.

Part two:

Part II of the game plan is to identify those groups most likely to join the Libertarian Revolution at this moment.

First, the foundation must start with loyal Libertarian voters who formed the base of Ron Paul’s support.

This group includes those fighting for lower taxes, smaller government, gun rights, medical marijuana rights, and those fighting for individual rights and more freedoms for all Americans.

We can pick up right where Ron Paul left off!

Together, we can lead this movement for decades to come.

The second crucial group is small businesspeople- small investors, small business owners, sole proprietors and independent contractors who create most of the new jobs and innovation in America.

Does this group sound ‘small’ to you?

There are between 23 and 27 million small business owners, right here in these great United States.

These small businesspeople are the perfect voting bloc for the LP.

They are thrifty.
Just like us.

They are fiercely independent.
Just like us!

They have a healthy distrust of government
They support tax reform and simplification.

They want to dismantle the IRS.

These small business owners want to see government run properly.
Just as they run their businesses - with fiscal discipline, personal responsibility, and a balanced budget.

And, who else but Libertarians actually give more than lip service to that?

Balanced budgets and paying your bills.
What a concept.

To small business owners, overpaid government bureaucrats are the symbol of everything wrong with America.

The expansion of government, the bureaucracy of government, and the invasive nature of Big Brother are all examples of what’s wrong with our economy. Libertarians have the solutions that small businesspeople want to hear.

But most of all, small business owners just want to be left alone. Left alone to run their businesses, care for their customers, make a fair profit, and take care of their families.

This is only one part of the new Libertarian Revolution coalition.

We can also count on the support of Independent Contractors.

They include sales professionals of all kinds:
Real Estate brokers, stockbrokers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, investment bankers, financial planners…

In short, anyone who gets paid on commission.

Who better to appeal to, but folks who livelihoods are performance-based?

Like small business owners, these people are a major part of our American economic engine.

And truly, no political party caters to their needs.
No other Party understands their unique issues, problems, and mindset.

These people have yet to vote for us.

Overnight, we can change that, when I campaign as the first small businessperson to run for President in modern political history.

America can identify with someone who runs a small business with 35 employees. In fact, I’ve spent my entire adult life as a business owner,
sole proprietor, and independent contractor.

In a country where the majority of jobs are created by small business, it’s high time that a Libertarian small businessman led America.

I’m the son of a butcher (he owned a 2-man butcher shop). I am the grandson of immigrants. I come from humble blue-collar roots.

I will pledge to look out for small investors, small business owners, homeowners and independent contractors.

The very people who are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy.

These hard-working Americans create the majority of the jobs, pay most of the bills and pay most of the taxes.

These are the neglected taxpayers. The Silent Majority.
The neglected taxpayers, producers and earners who we must pledge to work with to earn their Libertarian votes!

Let me explain…

Let’s talk about the just approved $168 Billion stimulus giveaway.

This money is being taken from the very taxpayers I’m talking about, in severe economic times, and virtually none of those rebate checks will go to anyone in that same group- the group that’s paying for it. As Rodney Dangerfield would say, “We don’t get no respect.�

This group gets no respect from either major party. They aren't poor - Democrats ‘take care’ of the poor.
(Boy do they take care of them! With friends like that, who needs enemies.)

These people I am appealing to aren't rich like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump or the country club billionaire crowd. The GOP takes care of that group.

The small businesspeople of America don’t have time to join a country club. They’re too busy earning a living and paying their mortgage, taxes and their children’s education.

I understand because I’m one of them.

And we want to be left alone! We don’t ask for any handouts, giveaways or entitlements. We just want to keep more of our own money- the money we’ve earned.

There are only a few Donald Trump billionaires. There are only a few thousand multi-millionaire or billionaire country club types. But there are millions of these small business people, independent contractors and small investors. So, big government targets them to pay all the taxes.

Small business owners can't afford to contribute millions of dollars in donations to politicians. They don't have expensive lawyers, accountants or lobbyists.

So, they get stuck paying all the freight for big government programs.

But we small business people, you and me included, create the MAJORITY of new jobs in America. We are the economic engine of the U.S. economy.

I will fight for that group. Wayne Root and the Libertarian Party will be the voice of small business.

We should honor and thank them- not make them a target.

We should simply cut their taxes, and get government the heck out of their way!

Instead of a $168 billion giveaway disguised as a ‘rebate’, we should simply cut taxes across the board.

Let’s allow the producers and earners and financial risk-takers to keep more of their own money. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing idea?

These two groups form just the start of my plan.

The next group is like family to me. Gamblers and poker enthusiasts.

I’ve been a national television sports prognosticator and commentator for over 20 years. I’m honored to be one of only 21 people in the world to get my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. I talk the language of gamblers and poker enthusiasts. America has over 10 million online gamblers and poker enthusiasts. These people were all stripped of their rights when Congress banned online gaming. This group is angry, disgusted, and motivated. I can harness their energy to support, contribute and elect a Libertarian President. The issue isn’t gambling- it’s Internet freedom. We should all be free to do what we want on our own computer, in our own bedroom, with our own money.

Then there’s my signature issue of Education. Only a few candidates are willing to even talk about Home-schooling.

Did you know I’m the first modern Home-school parent to run for President?

My lovely wife Debra and I have 4 young children- including a 6 week old daughter!

We have home-schooled all our children since day one.

There are several million home-school parents in America.
And, there are tens of millions more looking for educational freedom.

I will fight for more parental rights, more freedom, more choice, more competition, and tax breaks including vouchers for parents choosing private, parochial or home-school alternatives to the failing public school system.

This is a very devoted, dedicated, and passionate voting bloc that should vote Libertarian for President!

Finally, we come to the key group of my Presidential game plan.
For the first time in history, millions of angry, disgusted, disillusioned and disaffected Republicans will vote Libertarian!

They don’t want to vote for anti-tax cut, anti- free speech, big government candidates like John McCain or Barak Obama.

Count me in as the Barry Goldwater style Libertarian they will vote for.

2008 is the year for a Libertarian to make waves and shock the D.C. establishment.

How am I doing so far?

Although I’ve just started, I’m getting flooded with emails every day saying: “For the first time in my life, I am going to vote Libertarian, because you are running for President.�

I’ve been exactly where they are right now- emotionally spent and feeling disgusted and betrayed by my party, by the politicians I supported, by big government.

It’s never easy getting a voter to change, but it can happen. I changed. I believe millions of voters will take a chance and change this year.
Let’s welcome America home to the Libertarian Party.


These are voters that don’t ever want to go back to the failed policies, the lies, the bribes, the giveaways, the entitlements, the earmarks, the Bridges to Nowhere. They’ve fallen for the talk. The GOP certainly talks the talk. But now they want a party…and a candidate that walks the walk.

We might not win in 2008.
But you never know!

They said Ron Paul couldn’t succeed, either, and look how well he did!

As of today I’m beginning a 16 year campaign to put a Libertarian into the White House. Because a Libertarian should be the leader of the free
World. And America.


And then Ron Paul stood up.

I want to talk to you a little more about Ron Paul
He stood up for all of us.

In the spirit of bloody bare feet in the snow at Valley Forge, Ron Paul, a modern day patriot stood up and woke the world.

We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

His courage and daring vision has set us all on this path.

The people who got him his own blimp and set fundraising and voting records all need a home, and the Libertarian Party is that home.

Together, we can win freedom and liberty and make Ron Paul proud!

Wayne Allyn Root - Libertarian Presidential candidate.
Small businessman. Son of a Butcher. Home-school parent.
Citizen Legislator. Freedom fighter. Patriot.

To find out more about Wayne and his bold stands
on important political issues, please visit: