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The Road Ahead: A Message from Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Dear Friends,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve all of my many friends, fans, voters, contributors and most importantly, the Libertarian Party as the nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008.

I owe so many of you a debt of gratitude. Without your support, a Las Vegas oddsmaker, small businessman and home-school dad could never have become the nominee for Vice President of the United States for "America's Third Party."

I can think of so many friends who have voted Republican or Democrat their entire lives, yet immediately embraced my candidacy out of pure friendship and love.

I can think of so many close friends who called after stepping into the voting booth -- friends who are ultra successful, impressed by very little in life -- yet called to say how amazed they were at pulling a lever in the voting booth for a Vice Presidential nominee they actually knew for the first time in their lives. I got such a kick out of your comments!

To name a few special friends and contributors: Joe Sugarman, Phil Gordon, Dr. Loring Jacobs, Gino Nardone, Doug Fleming, Art Tuma, Richard Bronstein, Ralph Hake, Don Cowles, Greg Raymer, Wil Rondini, and Mike Costache. And my dear friends who provided counsel and advice every step of the way: Doug Miller, Roger Harrison, Hollis Barnhart, and my attorney Lee Sacks.

I can think of so many in the Libertarian Party who took me under their wing and gave me their heart and soul and precious time. To name just a few: Aaron Starr, Kevin Knedler, Lou Jasikoff, Travis Nicks, M Carling, Mike Ferguson, Kevin Takinaga, Scott Lieberman, Dana McLorn, Bruce Cohen, Bette Rose, Allen Hacker, Jake Witmer, Bob Sullentrop, Rowan Wilson, Stewart Flood, Dan Williams, Steve Kubby, Ron & Marcia Nicks, and of course our LP Chairman Bill Redpath. I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure I've missed someone -- and for that I am sorry. Please know that I wish I could name everyone who ever offered me a hand.

Then there was my TEAM ROOT staff (when running for the LP Presidential nomination) of Mark Schreiber, Martha DeForest, Jeff Dimit, Richard Burke, Sam Goldstein and Peter Beary. Thanks to all of you for giving so much. I can never hope to repay you for all you did on my behalf.

And of course my TREMENDOUS thanks to my loyal and dependable webmaster Will Habdas- who designed and managed my web site.

Then there are the many volunteers who picked me up at airports (I immediately think of Beau Cain), drove me around, wrote me letters and emails filled with advice (that must have taken you hours to write). And all of the executives and staff at the Barr campaign. Thank you so very much for your time, your thoughts, your advice.

And finally there's Bob Barr -- who took me under his wing and treated me with love and respect. Bob, we are friends for life. You are a true American patriot and hero.

But it is my family that deserves the biggest thank you of all. My wife Debra and the “gang of four�- my 16 year old daughter Dakota who gave my nominating speech at the LP Convention; my 8 year old son Hudson; my 4 year old son Remington Reagan; and my new baby girl Contessa. I love you all. I thank you for your love and support. But most of all, I apologize for all the time away from you over the past 18 months. You are the reasons that I sacrifice so much for the cause of freedom. You are the future I'm fighting for.

As a complete newcomer and outsider to Libertarian politics and the actual LP, many of you in the party welcomed me immediately and made me feel at home. Some of you recognized the potential I had to offer this movement and took the time to educate me in areas where I needed it (and I'm sure, still do). My knowledge grew tremendously and in many cases, my views changed dramatically. Many of you told me that I won you over as a result. I really appreciate the honest hearing you gave me and your willingness to bring me into the Libertarian fold. I'm in this for the long haul and it is my hope that I will eventually win over the few skeptics that remain.

Thanks to all of you for your support and contributions to my campaign.

The results of this election were both positive and negative. The Barr/Root Presidential ticket received about 500,000 votes. That is the 2nd highest vote total in LP history (37 years). And we achieved that success under perhaps the most difficult circumstances ever -- a media PERFECT STORM of interest, hype and adulation for Obama. And on the other side...a record level of hype, fear and panic by Republicans and conservatives towards Obama. Third party candidates were literally shut out of this election. Yet within that 2-party tsunami, Barr/Root still scored the 2nd highest vote total ever.

Perhaps most significantly, Libertarian Party membership levels are up dramatically across the country. LP membership grew by 30% to 50% in many states during this election. That is no surprise considering the record level of mainstream media coverage generated by the Libertarian Presidential ticket. I'm proud to report that Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root have built a foundation of credibility for the Libertarian Party.

On the other hand, despite that success, I was personally disappointed. I set my goals high -- as I have always done as a businessman, CEO and entrepreneur. I was aiming for the one million vote threshold. Back in August when Barr/Root had 6% in the national polls it looked like it was possible to attract millions of votes. That 6% was the same number Ross Perot polled back in 1992, when he was invited to participate in the Presidential debates. That exposure to millions of voters allowed Perot to finish with 19 million votes and just under 20% of the vote for President of the United States.

Bob and I were not invited to the national debates, damaging our chances of becoming a credible third party threat to the GOP and Democrats. I can only imagine the results had I been able to stand on a national stage with Sarah Palin and Joe Biden and call them both sell-outs for supporting the bailout- the greatest taxpayer rip-off in American history. I can only imagine the final vote tally if I'd been able to show American voters how it was the federal government that caused our current economic big government doesn't have the solution- they are in fact the problem. If I'd had the opportunity to stand on that national stage and point out factual examples of the damage done in the past by big government, and proven that both major parties support ever bigger government. If I'd been allowed on the national stage to call the GOP and Democrats "big and bigger, dumb and dumber." I believe Barr/Root would have surpassed Perot's modern-day third party record of 19 million votes. But alas, it wasn't to be.

So, what did we learn? As I see it, there are two important lessons we can take from this campaign.

The first is that ideas alone are not sufficient. Yes, good ideas are critically important to us libertarians, but good presentation skills trump all when it comes to the voters' decisions. Obama's election proves a good communicator can change everything.

Barry Goldwater had great ideas, yet still lost in a landslide. Reagan took many of the same ideas and won in two landslides. The only difference was his ability to communicate, educate and motivate voters.

The same storyline holds true from the left. George McGovern lost in a dramatic landslide. Yet Obama, who is to the left of McGovern, won with his McGovern-like socialist ideas. Why? Because of his ability to communicate, educate and motivate. Obama is the Reagan of the left. The message did not win this election- the messenger did. Obama excited and motivated voters- and then built one heck of an organization to get them to the polls.

By the way, exit polls prove that a majority of Americans saw Obama as the tax cutter of this election. This election was NOT a repudiation of conservative or libertarian free-market fiscal policy. To the contrary, the candidate who made the case that he'd cut the tax burden of the American middle class won. That was Obama.

America may not realize it, but they just voted for four years of socialism...or at best, Europe's version of big government "social capitalism." But here's the good news: Even after a "perfect storm" of media hype, adulation and bias towards Obama, 55 million Americans still voted against Obama. That's a heck of a base to build from.

After four years of dramatic tax raises for the people creating the jobs and risking their money on businesses and investments...while redistributing their earnings to people looking for handouts...I believe America will be looking for a 21st century Barry Goldwater by 2012. That base of 55 million will grow by millions when they see the damage Obama's brand of Big Brother socialism will do to the American economy.

But being a good communicator is only half the battle for our party. To succeed we must (while being friendly, respectful and professional) be loud-mouthed, aggressive, opinionated and colorful -- literally oozing ENERGY to catch the media's attention -- to rise above the millions of voices out there. I did that as our Vice Presidential nominee and I intend to continue doing that for our party in the future.

I'm proud to report that I attracted national media that no LP Vice Presidential candidate ever has before -- FOX News Channel (numerous times), FOX Business Network (numerous times), The Mancow Show (numerous times), TIME magazine, Newsweek, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, The Financial Times, Comedy Central, Slate, Reason, American Spectator, New Republic, Columbia magazine, dozens of poker and gaming publications, and hundreds of radio shows across the USA.

I was even interviewed on numerous occasions by the biggest national radio shows of England and Canada to explain the U.S. elections and the role of the LP. I made numerous appearances on the BBC -- broadcast worldwide.

Those appearance were all as a third party V.P. candidate. Usually a third party V.P. is as lonely as a Maytag repairman. I dramatically changed the role, exposure and media credibility of the V.P. Can you imagine the publicity I can generate in four years at the top of the ticket?

The second lesson is that it is critical we start earlier during the election cycle. We do not have the luxury of starting with a recognized brand name that people will choose at the ballot box at the last minute, without having to weigh the alternatives.

As a candidate, I wish I had started four years ago. With that in mind, I'm busy writing my Libertarian book:

The Conscience of a Libertarian:
Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Gambling, Guns & Tax Cuts

My book will be released in May 2009 by one of the world's biggest publishers -- accompanied by a major media campaign. And I now have serious interest for my own nationally syndicated political radio show called ROOT FOR AMERICA.

With your support I will continue to work hard for our party and our principles. I plan to hit the ground running with four years of nonstop media appearances...four years of serious fundraising...four years of contrasting our ideas for smaller government with those of our new President Barack Obama, my college classmate.

With your support I will present the perfect polar opposite to the new President that will be running the country for the next four years. We will put forward a high-profile vision in contrast to Obama's big government agenda. We will offer all of America the libertarian alternative of the low taxes, economic freedom and personal freedom offered in my adopted home state of Nevada; and contrast that with Obama's attempts to impose upon us the big government, high taxes and "Nanny State" philosophy of his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Now is not the time to stop. Now is the time to turn up the heat. The campaign continues from here. This is not the end. This is just a small beginning. I am excited, PASSIONATE, and ready to get to work today toward 2012 and beyond. I hope to have each of you by my side.

As Yogi Berra would say, "The future ain't what it used to be." This isn't your father's LP. The future is bright.

I can hardly wait!

Let the Obama Disaster Begin:

We're handing our country over to a man with no experience.
No experience as a businessman, or as a government official. All because
we dislike George W. Bush. America wanted ABB (Anything But Bush).

Well congratulations!
We've now elected a man to govern America whose entire experience
'governing' is having served less than 4 years in the US Senate.
During which time he never put his name on one bill of any significance.
He never even held a meeting for the committee that he chaired!

He arrived in Washington as a celebrity and then, spent 4 years running
for President. Worse yet, he now takes over the White House during the
worst economic crisis of our lifetime.

People across America naively say they hope Obama will solve this
economic crisis. Those who voted for him not only hope so, but believe it so.

I have a question for you. When I hire someone, I want to know about
their skills and experience for the job they're applying for. So, America
thinks Obama can fix this mess. With what? Voodoo? How can he solve
a business problem, when he knows absolutely nothing about business?

In the 25 years since we graduated Columbia University Class of '83 together,
Obama has never started a business, run a business, or risked his money on a
business deal. Not once in 25 years. During the campaign, he talked about
creating millions of jobs. Well, the next one he creates will be his first. Good
luck with that.

President-Elect Obama has never met a payroll, not to mention paying
employee payroll taxes or health insurance. Yet his supporters, fans and
voters think he holds the answers to a crumbling economy? I don't think
he could run a bakery, let alone the U.S. economy. How frightening is this

I feel like a father who's fallen ill and had to hand over the keys to his
business to his 16 year old son- whose entire prior business experience
was running a lemonade stand at age 6. That's what we've just done to
the entire United States economy, except Obama hasn't even run a
lemonade stand.

My educated guess is Obama was the type of kid who got the neighborhood
lemonade stand shut down by calling City Hall to complain. His complaint:
the kid's lemonade stand didn't have a government-issued business license.

Lawyers to the left of me – lawyers to the right;
but not a drop of common sense.

Let's talk about the only serious experience Obama has. Experience that I consider
quite a negative.

It's not bad enough that he's never had any business experience. It gets
worse. Far worse. Obama is a lawyer. Lawyers mess up almost every
business deal they get involved with. Why? Because of a deadly combination
of big egos, combined with a lack of business acumen.

Lawyers learn absolutely nothing about business in law school. If they
learned about business, it would be called 'Business School.'
In law school, lawyers-to-be are taught how to sue businesses. There
aren't even offered courses on how to run one. There certainly aren't
any courses on how to run an economy.

Once out in the real world and practicing law, lawyers jump into business
deals with confidence, bravado and gusto. As well as one goal in mind- screwing up
every deal they can get theiur hands on- to prove how important they are.
And to justify their fat fees.

Their huge egos force them to weigh in on things they know absolutely
nothing about. After years of dealing with lawyers, I learned to appreciate
one of the great "inside lawyer" jokes: What is the most amazing trait of
lawyers? They can quote their fees without smiling.

This is one of the big problems of modern-day government. It's made up
of lawyers. Lawyers with some of the biggest egos on the planet. Lawyers
interested in playing the game. Interested in acquiring power and control
over your life. Because that's what lawyers do.

These lawyers try to get government involved in every and any facet of
our lives, no matter what. This whether they know a thing about what
they are getting involved in or not! Why? Because these lawyers-turned-politicians
want to justify their fat salaries and lofty titles. They learned this in Law School-
how to act important, charge big fees and take control of everything they're involved in.

Once these lawyers are elected as Mayor, to Congress, to Senate, or worse yet,
to the White House- do you think they'll ever let on that they don't know what
they're doing?

Politicians will never admit government doesn't have the solution.

If they did, they would lose their power and control over you.

President Obama will have to prove his brilliance and assert his power by
trying to solve things - even if government can only make it worse.
To a lawyer-politician, that's far better than admitting they don't know.

Obama and his wife are both lawyers. Neither have built a business.
Neither have ever been exposed to the real business world.
As a matter of fact, they weren't even business lawyers- they were both civil
rights lawyers and 'community activists.'

Do you have any idea what that means? They have spent their lives suing
and intimidating banks and businesses. The closest Obama ever got the
banking system was as ACORN's lawyer. Then, and as a 'community activist',
he pressured and intimidated banks to lend to unqualified buyers. And on property
that was not worth the paper the mortgage was written on.

This 'affirmative action lending' that banks were forced to do was the single
biggest cause of the mortgage meltdown and implosion of the American banking
system. Based on this "success" we've now put Barak Obama in charge of
the entire United States economy?

So what's the first thing a lawyer with a huge ego and no knowledge of
business will think he should do as President? He'll use the money and power
of government to try and fix the economy. Conveniently forgetting it's your
money he's playing with.

President Obama will create more laws while adding more regulations.
He's already said he wants to raise the minimum wage (thereby huring
business and costing jobs). Of course, in the spirit of fairness, he's planning
on ending secret ballot voting for unions (This will instantly create an environment
of intimidation and manipulation for dissenting union members).

President Obama is planning to raise taxes dramatically on our most successful
entrepreneurs and business owners, America's job-creators, to provide
himself with more money to 'fix' the economy.

Obama will punish success, while rewarding people who expect handouts.
He'll "create" jobs by expanding government. He'll spend billions on
government projects. All while create millions of new government jobs
for bureaucrats (increasing the size and power of government employee
unions). He was so brazen, it was recently disclosed, that Obama sent letters
in the days before the election to federal employees telling them how he'd give
them more power and expand their ranks. And of course he will redistribute the
wealth from taxpayers to union members by bailing out the Big 3 Automakers.
This is the least he can do to repay the huge contributions from those same unions.

Hey dude – Where's MY Bailout?

The Big 3 quietly received $25 Billion with a “B� just weeks ago. Few
Americans noticed this during the giant distraction of the stock market
meltdown. Now they've come back asking for $25 Billion more only weeks later.

Guess where the money will go? To pay for the same outrageous union pay,
pension plans and lifetime health care that bankrupted the Big Three
Automakers in the first place. We are simply subsidizing failed union
contracts that destroyed the U.S. auto industry in the first place.

Of course, it also wiped out the city of Detroit, which now wants a $10
billion dollar bailout, and gave Michigan the worst performing state economy
in the entire country. Gotta love those union contracts- the unions in Detroit
are like Canadien Mounties- they always get you. They'll either bankrupt you
today...or tomorrow...or the next day. But they always complete the job. With
friends like that, who needs enemies?

Does this sound like good business practice to you?

Of course, there is no choice for Obama and the Democratic Congress-
they received millions of votes and tens of millions of dollars from auto
unions and auto workers. They need to repay them today to keep their
support, not to mention their donations in 2012.

Only lawyer-politicians could possibly dream up this agenda to 'save' our
economy. But what are they saving it from? From capitalism?

Obama won't rest until the U.S. economy resembles France.'s The stagnant
French economy is dominated by big unions and big government. There are
few entrepreneurs or business owners in France- with taxes so high, there
is no way for individuals to ever save enough money to open a business.
Even if they did, the onerous taxes and regulations destroy their chances of
success. There are only two viable career routes in France: work for
government, or join a union and work for a big corporation. Is that what
we want our economy to become? I don't think Americans really want
Europe's version of big-government social capitalism (a nice way of saying

"GM, Ford and Chrysler are literally dead men walking.�

Where does it all end? Government giving another $25 Billion to GM,
Ford and Chrysler makes absolutely no business sense. Because of their
outrageous union contracts, the Big 3 Automakers can never turn their
companies around. They are 21st century dinosaurs - GM, Ford and
Chrysler are literally dead men walking.

Their entire business is based on a failed model (excuse the pun). Notice that
Honda, Nissan and Toyota aren't asking to be bailed out. They're building new
plants across America with non-union employees. They beat the Big 3 U.S. Automakers
by cutting costs and increasing efficiency. This is in large part by keeping their
payroll costs down to $30 to $40 per hour, instead of the $70 per hour
that American auto companies pay to union employees. Don't get me wrong-
If you can make that kind of wage- GREAT! Go get it. But only if you can earn it
without bankrupting your company, or asking taxpayers to bail you out.
One thing is clear with the auto industry- those $70 per hour wages are a fraud-
they can only work if they are subsidized by the U.S. government.

Is it fair to pay $50 Billion (if that's even enough) to the Big 3 Automakers while
successful companies get nothing? Why would we reward failure and
incompetence by the companies and unions? Oh, I forgot, that's Obama's
business model. Spread the wealth around, punish the successful and reward
people asking for handouts (his voters).

Who will pay for my bailout?

Many Americans are asking 'who will pay for my bailout?'

I'm a small business owner. I'm having tough times as well. My friends
with small businesses are all in big trouble right now. We're struggling to
survive. If you sell anything for a living right now, you are in big trouble-
because American consumers have stopped buying anything. Small business
creates a majority of private sector jobs in America and 75% of all new jobs.
Aren't we too important to the U.S. economy to fail? Who is bailing us out?
If we create by far more jobs than the Big 3 Automakers, why isn't there a
small business bailout plan from the U.S. Treasury?

Is it because small businesses aren't unionized? Or is it because they
didn't give huge donations to Obama and the Democratic Congress?

Allow me to present the free market alternative. It's simple- get government
out of the way. Any money government gives as 'bailouts', no matter to whom,
is money taken away from you and me. It's money taken from taxpayers, investors and
business people who would have used it to efficiently create jobs and wealth. Now it's
been confiscated by big government who will inefficiently use it to create less jobs than
the private sector could have created. You haven't gained a thing with a New Deal or
Great Society government program. For every job it creates, 2 (or more) jobs are lost
in the private sector. Money doled out by government to 'solve' this crisis, is money
taken away from you and me, away from the taxpayers and job-creators.

Money given to the Big 3 Automakers is a gigantic waste, temporarily
propping up (and rewarding) failed companies. One thing is certain about bailing out the
auto industry- they'll be back for more money...soon.

The free market alternative is to let the automakers go bankrupt or otherwise
find their own way. Will they go out of business? Probably not. The courts
will allow them to reorganize. They can and should renegotiate their union contracts,
through bankruptcy. Once they do this, they'll emerge as leaner and more
efficient companies.

Then and only then they will be able to compete with Toyota, Honda and
Nissan. If they don't, they'll be replaced by new auto companies with
better business plans. That's called capitalism.

Did the airline industry as we know it end when TWA went out of business?
Of course not. Out of the ashes, Southwest Airlines emerged with a new
business model. And it works! They get you there on time, don't lose your
luggage, charge low fares, and a nice profit. A profit both they and their
shareholders pay taxes on, too!

TWA deserved to fail. If we had bailed out TWA, there may never have
been room in the marketplace for a Southwest Airlines. What we need right
now is a "Southwest Motors."

The other choice to bankruptcy is a government bailout that allows the auto
industry to continue with their reckless, bloated business model at taxpayer expense.

Most importantly, all of this money the federal government is giving away
has to come from someone and somewhere. It's being stolen from us, the
American taxpayer, without explanation, discussion, debate or permission.

It's not government's money to give. It is our money- yours and mine. These
endless bailouts will keep our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
enslaved. Enslaved by big government, with oppressively high taxes for
generations to come. But then that was Obama's plan in the first place.

Wayne Allyn Root's Commentaries can be found at:

Comrade Obama's Big Day Off

So Barack Obama denies he's a Socialist or Marxist? Really?

I sat in amazement as I heard the news earlier this week from the Obama campaign- Barack Obama is telling his supporters, at least those who work for a living, to take the day off from work, and his younger supporters to take the day off from school, in order to vote for him. Comrade Obama has decided to declare a national holiday so everyone can praise him- we'll call it “Obama Day.�

The man who has vowed to punish success and redistribute wealth, but claims he is not a Socialist or Marxist, now wants to reward workers (at least those that support him) with a paid day off from work or school so they can perform the incredibly difficult task of voting. If Obama is trying to prove he's not a Marxist, he's doing a very poor job.

Funny, but I've already voted and believe it or not- I didn't need to take the day off. I own my business. I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I always have. I earn my success EVERY day. Now, during the worst economy of my lifetime, I must find ways to work even harder if I am going to keep my business alive. Like virtually all small business owners, I have no time to take the day off for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, protest marches, and certainly not for voting. Like all small business owners, I have no doubt that if people who spend their time complaining about their lack of success or the “unfairness� of our capitalist society, instead spent more time working and less time complaining and protesting- they'd have nothing to protest about.

Now this group of malcontents has found a hero in Barack Obama. And why is Comrade Obama their hero? Because he is going to take even more of the money that business owners, taxpayers and job creators earn by working harder, smarter, and more creatively than others, and redistribute that wealth to others who don't- so they can enjoy even more paid holidays.

Sadly, like all socialists, Obama can give away the bribes without having to pay the bill. He just needs to fool enough voters into electing him, so he can force the taxpayers, business owners, and job creators of America to pay for his generosity. And Obama gets the credit. It's a story we've all heard before: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.�

Here we have the most extreme leftist politician in the history of American Presidential politics telling his voters- the very ones complaining they have no assets, no money, no piece of the American Dream- to take the day off from work (something they can ill afford to do), or to take the day off from school (something no child, let alone minority children so often failing or dropping out of our public schools, should EVER do). The last thing our children need is one less day of school, one less day of learning. But Comrade Obama has spoken- so the orders must be followed.

Here we have the most anti-business politician of my lifetime telling employees to play hooky from their jobs. What if their boss needs them? What if the customers depend on them? If every employee heeds Obama's advice, should businesses across America go dark on Tuesday? Should every restaurant close because Obama has given the cooks and waitresses permission to take the day off? Should all of America be closed for business because Obama thinks voting requires a holiday for his voters?

Is Obama now advocating another paid national holiday for millions of state and federal union employees? You mean postal workers, school teachers, and federal employees don't already get enough paid days off? When he recommends that public employees take the day off, guess who pays the bill? Taxpayers- anyone unlucky enough to own a business, or work in the private sector, while Obama's “priviledged class� of union employees take yet another paid holiday.

This is the kind of suggestion that only a lawyer and career politician like Obama could make- someone who has never owned a business, never risked his own money to invest in America, never made a payroll, never paid anyone's health insurance, never created a job. The first job that Obama creates as President, will be the first job he has ever created.

Who is supposed to pay for this new paid holiday? If Obama is such a fan of “fairness� perhaps he should take some of the $600 Million dollars he's raised for his Presidential campaign and pay for this new national “Obama Day� holiday. Perhaps he should spread his own wealth around. But, of course, that isn't what socialists do. No, they choose to spread someone else´s wealth around (yours and mine).

Here are a few questions I have for Comrade Obama:

Should the business owners who created these millions of jobs (by risking billions of dollars of their own money) take the day off too? Of course not. Obama and his voters need these owners and job creators and taxpayers to keep working, so their earnings can be confiscated to finance “Obama Day� and the trillions of dollars of new government entitlement programs planned by Comrade Obama. Haven't you seen the amazing video interview of an Obama supporter at an Obama campaign event saying (with tears in her eyes), “This is the greatest moment of my life. With Obama as President, I won't have to worry about paying for gas anymore, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage.� Just sit back and reflect on those words for a moment.

Read my lips: Comrade Obama is going to raise federal income taxes dramatically, and not just for the “greedy rich.� Everyone, at least everyone that already pays taxes, is going to pay more taxes. Rate hikes are only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the increases will be done subtly and under the table: tax deductions will be phased out; Social Security taxes will increase dramatically and receiving them will become means tested (turning Social Security into an out and out welfare program); capital gains and dividend taxes will be increased dramatically (thereby reducing the earnings of everyone with a 401K, pension, college savings or similar plan); and “Death Taxes� will be resurrected (meaning you'll be “double taxed� after you die on the monies you managed to save after 50 years of paying taxes).

Barack will also raise taxes on the sale of your home from zero (on the first $500,000 of any sale) to 28% minimum capital gains tax. That tax applies to anyone who owns a home. Since almost 70% of Americans own a home, 70% of us face a huge tax increase on the day we sell our home.

Then there's the “game-changer�- the huge tax that will hit all Americans. Obama and his cronies in Congress (Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank) will implement policies under the guise of “global warming� (you know- that phenomenon that causes snowstorms in the Northeast USA in October) that will result in dramatic increases in the cost of electric, gas, water and all utility bills. And let's not forget the Democrat proposal in Congress right now for a special tax surcharge on any home over 2500 square feet in size- all in the name of “global warming.� Or is this all simply an excuse to increase the size, scope and power of the federal government, as well as increase tax revenues so that Comrade Obama can bribe more of his voters with giveaways and entitlements?

I haven't even discussed the new taxes necessary to pay for Obama's universal health care scheme. NOTE: Hawaii is the only state in America that has instituted universal health care for all children. Not adults, only children. They just cancelled the program days ago, because it was too expensive and threatened to bankrupt their state. Can you even imagine what universal healthcare for everyone will cost the country?

Comrade Obama has promised he will cut taxes on 95% of all Americans- yet he conveniently forgets to tell you that 40% of Americans pay no federal income taxes. Interesting math. So 40% of our fellow citizens will get a welfare check under Comrade Obama- disguised as a “tax cut.� That's certainly a creative way to guarantee that 40% of all Americans vote Democrat and support bigger government. But, don't worry- Obama's not a Socialist or Marxist. How do we know? Well, he told us so.

Obama is using exactly the same sales pitch Castro used on the Cuban people. It didn´t take long before thousands of successful business owners were swimming across the Atlantic in shark infested water to escape to Florida. Those that remained in Cuba (and more recently, Venezuela under Hugo Chavez) found out what happens when you “spread the wealth around.� The people who create jobs LEAVE. That leaves everyone else unemployed, living on government handouts, living in shacks, and driving wooden carts led by donkeys. It's quite a brilliant success scheme, don't you think? It worked out well for Castro, but for the Cuban people- not so well.

Comrade Obama only wants what's “fair.� Have you ever met anyone who would not describe their ideas as “fair�? Unfortunately “fairness is in the eye of the beholder. Obama´s definition of fair is to “spread the wealth around� from those that pay all the taxes, to those that don't- aka his voters.

But “spreading the wealth around´' is just the start. How about this trick? Just like in old time Soviet Russia, Comrade Obama wants to eliminate secret ballots for union elections. Once the employees of America has to announce their vote publicly in front of union goons with baseball bats, our entire nation will be soon unionized. Then we can all look forward to higher bills on everything we buy, to pay for these “fair wages.� We can spread the wealth around just like they do so successfully in Cuba and Venezuela. Everything you buy at Wal*Mart will double. But it will be “fair.� Lucky us. Why is Obama so friendly to unions? They are, of course, among his biggest contributors.

Obama will also increase the minimum wage dramatically even though the vast huge majority of minimum wage workers are students, illegal immigrants, or part-time workers. Business owners will then pass the cost to consumers. We can all look forward to higher prices for every product we buy in order to “spread the wealth around.�

He will also give 12 million (or more) illegal immigrants drivers licenses, followed by citizenship, so they can get some of that wealth being spread around by legally receiving welfare, Social Security, and government entitlements of all kinds. Oh, and of course they can then legally vote Democrat, without getting any help from ACORN.

Sadly, there´s still more damage we can expect under Comrade Obama- lawsuits. Lots of them. Under attorney Obama and attorney Joe Biden, American business will be intimidated and damaged beyond repair under a barrage of frivolous lawsuits all in the name of “fairness,� “justice� and of course Obama's favorite cause- affirmative action. Why is Obama so friendly to lawyers? They are, of course, among his biggest contributors.

But I digress. Back to the idea of a paid holiday so that Obama's supporters can manage the difficult job of voting. After all, we can't possibly expect Democratic voters to work two jobs in the same day, can we? Voting is such a tough job, we need to give Obama's voters the day off to rest after such a harrowing assignment. Especially for the few hundred thousand Obama voters who registered through ACORN under multiple fake names. They've got a long day ahead of them on Tuesday. They will each have to travel to a dozen different voting precincts to cast all their votes. They'll not only need a full paid holiday on November 4th to vote a dozen times, but a full paid day off on November 5th to recover from such a stressful day.

Somehow, someway, silly me, I managed to vote just the other day without taking an entire day off from work. Amazingly, it wasn't too difficult. I simply filled out my absentee ballot in about 10 minutes from the privacy and comfort of my home. And can you believe this- I did it after work. I didn't have to miss any time on the job. Is this absentee voting some new-fangled new thing? No, it's been available for decades. Is it something only “the rich� can do? No, actually any voter in America can vote by absentee ballot. It took me about 3 minutes to make a phone call, request a ballot, and voila- it arrived at my home. Magic!

Voting seems pretty quick and easy to me. But, of course, I´m only voting once.

If absentee ballots are too tough for Obama's voters to figure out, almost every voter in America could have gone down to their local mall at lunchtime or dinnertime (after work) and participated in “early voting� on computer screens. Last I checked, this makes it possible for virtually anyone to vote without actually missing a day at work.

If you feel angry that some people feel they deserve a day off- a paid holiday- in order to exercise the great America privilege of voting…if you feel angry that politicians like Obama (and McCain too) only want to make government bigger…only want to punish success…and
create new giveaway and bailout programs to those who never earned it (both Obama and McCain voted for the bailout)…and want to pay for those big government programs on your back…if you're angry that Obama thinks your money belongs to government…if you're angry because government believes they know better than you, what to do with your own hard-earned money…it's time to vote for the Libertarian Presidential ticket of Bob Barr and
Wayne Allyn Root.

It's time to vote for real change- to give the power back to America's citizens and the taxpayers. The people who work day-in and day-out to pay all these taxes. Just as the Founding Fathers intended. Just as the constitution is written. Only one party cares about the small business owners, taxpayers and job creators- vote Libertarian on November 4th.

But don't take the day off.

Wayne Allyn Root is the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee on the Libertarian Presidential ticket of Bob Barr/Wayne Root. His web site is: