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Obama's Waterloo

First Sotomayor, Now Disgraceful Attack on Police

Obama's True Radical Leftist, Socialist and Reverse Racist Colors Are Exposed

Obama's Polls Dropping Like Lead Balloon- Now Among Lowest Rated Presidents in Modern History

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee
Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”

I'm sorry to say it but “I told you so.” Obama is a radical socialist, with a chip on his shoulder. And finally America is taking notice. His true colors are showing and his polls are dropping like a lead balloon. Later today a Rasmussen Poll will be released showing that after only 6 short months, Obama's glow is gone. His approval ratings are plummeting into negative territory. Remarkably, someone with such strong support and goodwill from the American people only weeks ago, has lost that support almost overnight. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster of the 2008 election, will show that Obama's support is actually below 50% for the first time. Among independents, his support is a remarkably low 37%. Obama is rapidly becoming the most unpopular President in recent history. His poll numbers are already slightly lower than George W. Bush at the same point in his Presidency (about 6 months in), and those same ratings place him 10th in popularity out of the last 12 U.S. Presidents (and quite possibly headed for last place).

Why is this happening? First and foremost Obama over-reached. His ambitious, radical pro union, big spending, big tax agenda has finally caught up with his image. Some liberals might actually understand that. But what liberals don't understand is the powerful negative effect that his appointment of Sonia Sotomayor (and her reverse racist beliefs) had on Obama's image. I'll discuss that in a moment. But the real straw that broke the camel's back was Obama's comments about the police. In an unheard of example of audacity, a President of the United States weighed in on a local confrontation between a white police officer and a black Harvard professor (who happens to be Obama's buddy). Without knowing of the details of the case, our President called the actions of a courageous police officer doing his job and risking his life “dumb” and defended a buddy who cursed out the police officer. The real radical leftist has appeared and it is shocking to America, especially white America, who gave Obama the benefit of the doubt that he was in fact a nice, moderate, “uniter, not divider” who had finally put race aside. But in Obama's radical world, race is never put aside.

I wrote commentaries well before the election warning America that we were dealing with a radical leftist with Socialist views. He entered the Presidential race ranked the most extreme liberal of any of our 100 U.S. Senators, yet claimed to be a moderate and “uniter, not divider.” I knew better. You see I attended Columbia University with Obama. Same class, same major (political science, pre-law), same year of graduation (1983). And what I witnessed at Columbia was classmates so extreme in their radical left-wing views as to make me physically sick. I saw classmates who literally hated America, hated capitalism, and rooted for the death of a conservative President. I sat in political science class in 1981 in stunned disbelief as my classmates cheered, high-fived and celebrated like it was New Years upon hearing the news that President Reagan had been assassinated (that was the first erroneous report we heard- that he was dead).

I debated my classmates for 4 long years about capitalism and free markets, and heard their views up close and personal. They weren't moderate Democrats simply looking to protect the lower classes. They were radical Marxists and Socialists looking to destroy capitalism, tax and unionize businesses to death, and greatly expand government and the welfare state in order to hand power to “the disadvantaged.” I met classmates- both white and black- who seemed to openly despise and resent white people (and especially wealthy white people). And who openly hated policemen and called them “pigs.” This is the world that Obama hails from. It is a world view that disgusted me then, and now more than ever.

Most of my Ivy League classmates wound up going into any one of 3 professions- media/journalism, education and law. Is it no wonder our country is so screwed up? These are today the biased, radical, leftist-bordering-on-Socialist journalists who openly shower Obama with adulation, and denigrate and slander any political leader with a conservative or capitalist point of view. These are today the educators who brainwash our children from a pro big government, pro tax, pro-union, pro affirmative action point of view. And most importantly, these are the lawyers who spend their lives suing businesses (thereby killing jobs) and running up the cost of health care with frivolous lawsuits. One of the primary reasons that health care is so expensive is because of lawyers (like Obama and wife Michelle). What we desperately need to do to save healthcare and lower costs is to implement tort reform, not universal health care run by government. But you'll notice Obama doesn't mention that. Why? Because he's a lawyer. Like so many politicians from the left, he protects lawyers and refuses to fight for tort reform, instead fraudulently blaming others for the health care crisis that in so many ways his profession has contributed to.

Obama's first 6 months in office are now showing his true radical colors. He is not like the rest of us. He is not a moderate. He is not a uniter. His smile and calm demeanor hides a radical viewpoint. He is out to help only one group- Democratic voters. Obama's tunnel vision is about helping the poor, disadvantaged, minorities, union members, and government employees. And of course anyone who represents them- lawyers, union bosses, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists. In Obama's radical leftist view the rest of us can go to hell.

Obama talks nonstop about “sacrifice.” Yet he hasn't asked anyone of the key groups of his voting bloc to sacrifice a thing. His entire bloated spending spree is about hiring millions of new federal government employees and handing trillions of dollars to the states so that they can save the jobs (and raises) of state and local government employees. And of course handing out welfare checks that he calls “tax cuts” to people who never paid income taxes in the first place.

Americans- especially white Americans- were THRILLED to elect a black President to once and for all prove that racism is dead. To show the world that America is the greatest nation in the world. To show that the color of a person's skin is no longer a factor in success. But what they didn't understand is how much Obama himself does not believe in those principles. It didn't take long for Obama to show his true colors. He came out with guns blazing with his radical Socialist ideas- the biggest government spending programs in history; gigantic new taxes that threaten to wipe out the upper middle class and small business owners (coincidently, the two groups that make all the contributions to Republican, Conservative and Libertarian causes); radical and risky trillion dollar ideas like Cap and Trade and Universal Healthcare in the middle of a depression; Card Check- a law designed to unionize every large (and possibly small) business in the country, and turn our entire U.S. economy into one big Detroit, Michigan; apologizing and genuflecting to every radical, terrorist and anti-American murderer in the world; and appointing a Supreme Court nominee who thinks a Latina women can make better decisions as a judge than a white male…and backs up that reverse racist view by throwing out the test results of hard-working, heroic white firefighters who passed an exam for promotion- simply because they were white. (Author's Note: I don't personally believe there is such a thing as "reverse racism." You are either a racist or not).

Sometimes winning is not a victory. In this case, I believe that the Sotomayor nomination was deadly for Obama's image among the same moderate, independent and even conservative voters who took a chance and voted for Obama to end the issue of race forever. They didn't take that chance, and give Obama the benefit of the doubt, so he could smash them in the face with a reverse racist, affirmative action queen. He may have won Sotomayor the lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but he lost his benefit of the doubt with middle class and blue-collar white voters.

But next came Obama's Waterloo- his decision to weigh in on the police confrontation in Cambridge during a nationally-televised press conference. On a personal note, I'm a white male. Yet in my lifetime I've had guns pulled on me three times by police. Were those incidents frightening? Of course. Was I shaken? Of course. But in all 3 cases, the police were correctly doing their job. And of course, being white, I could not blame the incidents on the color of my skin. Did it ever occur to President Obama or that Harvard professor that any homeowner- white or black- would have experienced the same thing in a similar situation.

Guns weren't drawn on me (by police) because I'm white- they were drawn on me because police were simply trying to defend property or protect society. They didn't care about the color of my skin. They were simply doing their job. The same thing appears to be true in the controversial incident in Cambridge. Was a gun pulled on Obama's friend because he was black? Or because he appeared to be a burglar breaking into a home? Obama wasn't there and should not have weighed in. That was a big mistake. But more importantly, when a policeman shows up at a home because a neighbor reports witnessing a break-in, that policeman's life is in danger. Any hesitation could result in his death. He may never see his wife or children again. His job is to pull his gun and ask questions- no matter the color of the skin or the importance of the person he is confronting. That Harvard professor should understand that it was his property that this policeman was protecting. It was his neighborhood and neighbors that this policeman was protecting.

That professor should have been smart enough to show respect to a police officer with a gun drawn asking questions. That professor's only response should have been to treat that officer politely and do exactly as he was asked. He should have shown his I.D. and politely and nicely defused the explosive situation. When a policeman's life is in potential danger, he has every right to treat the situation seriously. He has every reason to question the intruder and to not assume that he is the law-abiding homeowner. Those kind of assumptions get a policeman killed. Without being there to see the actual events as they unfolded, a U.S. President has only one reasonable choice- shut up and stay out of the controversy.

Obama made a big mistake. He just couldn't help himself- the real Obama (the radical leftist who doesn't support the police) came out. I believe this minor controversy, when combined with the negative impact of the Sotomayor nomination, may eventually be seen as the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for the political image of Barack Obama. From this point on, the bloom is off the rose, and the benefit of the doubt is off Obama. The moderate uniter is now rightfully seen by middle America as the radical Socialist divider.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at:

The Audacity of Obama's Lies Health Care Lies

The Feds Have Run Amtrak, U.S. Postal Service, Public School System, and Everything Else They've Ever Touched into the Ground, but Obama Wants to Put Them in Charge of Health Care?

The Federal Government Can't Even Run a Brothel!

How Does Obama Keep From Laughing At His Own Press Conference?

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”

I'll give him one thing- our President has audacity. World-record levels of audacity. He even wrote a book about it. But he ought to change the name to “the Audacity of Lies and Confusion.” His health care lies and confusing logic were on special display at last night's press conference. Let's examine just a few.

*The definition of audacity: Obama said we must “tame” the costs of health care because they are the driving force behind our massive federal deficits. Huh? He's the driving force behind our massive federal deficits! He's the one spending like a drunken sailor. He's the one bankrupting America. He's the one ordering the Federal Reserve to print money at record speed- making our savings worthless, and eventually driving the value of the dollar down dramatically. He's the one that spent $800 billion on a worthless stimulus plan that hasn't helped the economy. He's the one who promised he'd create or save 3 million jobs, while instead losing millions of jobs. He's the one that wants to spend trillions more on government-run universal health care in the midst of a depression. He's the one that wants to pass Cap and Trade, which will cost industry and consumers trillions of dollars more, all while doubling and tripling our electric bills and gas bills in the middle of a depression. Talk about AUDACITY! He's a living, breathing “driving force” of debt and deficit. Obama isn't the solution; he's the problem.

*Now to the REAL audacity. He says that government is the key to bringing health care costs down? Really? You mean the very same big government and liberal tax and spend politicians that have brought us our deficit of almost $2 trillion; while our national debt climbed to $11 trillion; while the shameless corporate bailouts reached $11 trillion; while our total national debt (including Social Security and Medicare liability) climbed towards $100 trillion; while unfunded liability for government employees climbed above $5 trillion. According to Obama we should trust that THOSE fellows, who brought us all that debt and deficit, have the answers to lowering health costs? Obama wants to put them in charge of 17% of the U.S. economy? And he promises they'll run health care less expensively and more efficiently than it is run today? Who writes Obama's comedy routine? This guy is good!

*More audacity: Obama thinks we should put in charge of 17% of the U.S. economy the very same people who ruined and bankrupted the public school system; ruined and bankrupted the U.S. Postal Service; who promised Amtrak would be profitable in 3 years and it's now enjoying it's 30th consecutive year of massive losses (for a total of $30 billion lost by taxpayers). Obama wants the people that ran the Hurricane Katrina operations to effectively run health care? He wants the same bureaucrats who run the VA System that operate on the wrong body parts of our veterans, and manage to lose laptops with the personal financial information of tens of millions of veterans; and mismanage billions of taxpayer dollars; to now run the entire health care system? He wants the same government that runs Walter Reed Hospital to run the entire health care system? You know Walter Reed- the hospital that welcomed our wounded veterans home from the trauma of war…only to face deadly mold and dangerous, disgraceful living conditions in their hospital rooms.

If government is suddenly so good at running things profitably and more efficiently than private industry, why didn't they run all the agencies and programs above profitably and efficiently? Were all those just a “trial run?” Well I have news for you: as Donald Trump would say, “You failed and you're fired.” Instead Obama's solution is to reward government, expand it, and give them more control over our lives.

*More audacity: Obama forgot to tell you this story. Government can't even be trusted to run a brothel. Yes, they did that and failed too. The federal government took over the most successful legal brothel in Nevada history (the Mustang Ranch) and ran it into bankruptcy in one year. I have news for you: IF YOU CAN'T RUN A BROTHEL, YOU CERTAINLY CAN'T RUN THE ENTIRE U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

*More audacity: Remember that unfunded liability of $5.3 Trillion for our federal government employees? That pitiful, unimaginable number involves free health care for life for a couple of million government employees. Now Obama has the audacity to look us in the eye and say that if we extend free health care (run by government) to everyone in America we'll cut costs and lower the spending? Wow, David Letterman can't top our President for knee-slapping humor. A couple million government employees with free health care have run up a $5.3 trillion dollar tag. That number happens to be 5 times more expensive than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That number happens to be roughly half of our entire national debt. That number for out-of-control healthcare costs for government employees threatens to bankrupt America. Now Obama wants to give EVERYONE in America- all 300 million of us- free healthcare and this won't bankrupt America? This idea will lower our costs? Where did Obama learn his math? Any Columbia University economics professor that ever gave Obama a grade of A must be a socialist.

*More audacity: Obama uses Medicare and Medicaid as the examples of the “driving forces” behind massive deficits- and he then says his universal healthcare plan will lower the costs of health care. He says this with a straight face? Government-run universal healthcare is nothing more than Medicare and Medicaid expanded to cover everyone. That's exactly what Medicare and Medicaid are- government run health care programs for a few of us- older people and poor people. Obama actually tells us with a straight face that they threaten to bankrupt us. But his answer is to expand those programs to include everyone. And choose the same government that is losing trillions of dollars running Medicare and Medicaid to run the entire system. This is madness. This is INSANITY.

*More audacity: Do you know why Medicare and Medicaid's debt and insolvency now threatens to overwhelm the entire budget? Because no program that is built around government paying for all your bills can ever work. If I'm paying my own medical bills, I'm careful. I avoid doctor visits. I refuse costly tests that are unnecessary. But if government is paying the entire bill, most people will choose to go to the doctor far more often. And they'll say yes to every test. Heck, why should they care? They're not paying.

How do I know? I've paid for my own meals and travel most of my life. Result: I'm frugal. I fly coach. I search for the best prices. I don't order alcoholic drinks at lunch. I search for specials on the menu. When I'm paying, I try to keep the price down. But when I'm doing business with people who have company credit cards, guess what happens? The sky is the limit. First class travel. The best hotels. Order whatever you want at lunch. Why should I care? I'm not paying. It's only human nature.

The same thing happens every day with Medicare and Medicaid. Right now, I pay for my own health care, so I never go to the doctor. I mean never. But if the federal government agrees to pay for everyone's medical bills- IT'S PARTY TIME. The entire country will go to the doctor every month. Heck maybe every week. If Obama is promising that costs will go down with someone else paying the bill for everyone, he is either a big comedian or a big liar.

*More audacity: Obama said at the press conference that the only way to bring down the cost of health care is to take the profit motive out of it. What? Is he joking? Government takes the profit motive out of the public school system, Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service. Yet they all bleed billions of dollars per year. They all get worse every year. He's right… government really does take the profit motive out of business. With government involved, you can only lose trillions of dollars.

*More audacity: But here's the best line of Obama's comedy routine: Obama says that he wants to “free” doctors and patients from worrying about the best treatment options. What a guy this Obama is. He really loves us- just like Jesus. He wants to remove all the responsibility and worry from our shoulders. Do you understand what this means? Do you understand what he is really saying? Neither doctors nor patients will any longer have the right to decide anything. This is a deceptive way of saying that Big Brother will control our lives. Big government will make all decisions. Big government will decide life and death. Big government will decide if you are “allowed” to get the latest treatments (based on how expensive they are). Big government will decide what treatments are deemed “acceptable” or not. Your life will be in the hands of the very people that have run Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service, the public school system, Hurricane Katrina, and even that bankrupt brothel in Nevada. Now don't you feel better?

But hey, the good news is that Obama is looking out for you. All your worry and stress and responsibilities are gone- thanks to Obama. You no longer have to make any decisions. They will all be made for you. You see where this is going? This is the very definition of Big Brother. Stalin, Mao, and Karl Marx must be looking down with smiles. Be frightened. Be VERY frightened.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at:

Obama Just Might Be a Socialist

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

Have you read the headlines this past week? Obama has proposed trillions of dollars in new taxes, and trillions of dollars of irresponsible, unsustainable new spending. With no way to pay for it all…except to wipe out small businessmen and women, and wipe out the upper middle class…and enslave our children and grandchildren with a mountain of debt and heavy taxes for a lifetime. It is, plainly and simply, the VERY definition of Socialism.

Let's say it out loud- Obama is a Socialist. There isn't any need to debate anymore. No point in even arguing. If liberals and the biased liberal media won't face facts…I'm going to put the facts right in their faces. Up close and personal- Jeff Foxworthy style. Jeff Foxworthy literally defined rednecks…he didn't leave any doubt. All you could do was laugh and say, “Jeff hit that one right on the nose.” Well I'm going to now define a Socialist. And when I'm done, you can only cry and say, “Wow, Wayne sure described that Obama fellow.”

Here are the FACTS. Read 'em and weep:

If you want government to take over business…banks…carmakers…Wall Street…highjack the entire economy…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it's just fine and dandy for government to decide CEO salaries…to hire and fire CEO's… and pick the Board of Directors of private companies… YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST..

If you think 32 czars appointed by Obama…can run the American economy by committee- even though few if any have ever run a business…and if you think it's OK to appoint a car czar who admits publicly he knows NOTHING about cars… YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to give as much as $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money to GM and Chrysler just so they can go BANKRUPT anyway…but then hand the company to the unions that bankrupted them in first place… YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it's OK for government to tell GM and Chrysler what kind of cars to build…what size…what gas mileage…even if those "green cars" can never make a profit...even if the taxpayers will lose $100 billion dollars... …YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think it's perfectly acceptable to break the “rule of law” and shaft shareholders, bondholders, bankers, hedge funds, and secured creditors who took tremendous risks and loaned billions of dollars to Chrysler and are therefore first in line in any bankruptcy proceeding, and own 100% of Chrysler BY LEGAL CONTRACT…so that you can hand a majority ownership to your friends in the auto unions who are last in line and completely unsecured by law…but who gave you millions of dollars in campaign contributions…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to pass Cap and Trade and convert America to a “green economy” to create millions of jobs…even though Spain is the greenest economy in all of Europe…and they have 18% unemployment, the highest in all of socialist Europe…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support Cap & Trade…a giant expansion of government power and control over industry…that is the biggest tax increase in history…that will double or triple every American's electric bills and make gasoline go up to $5 or $6 per gallon…and increase the cost of every product made with electricity, or driven to stores with gasoline…and put entire industries out of business…and cost millions of American jobs…because China and India won't participate…ALL IN MIDST OF A DEPRESSION…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support Universal Healthcare…even though a huge majority of Americans are happy with their present plan…and government is the one that has screwed up health care in the first place with over-regulation…even though government has run the U.S. Postal service into bankruptcy…and run Amtrak into bankruptcy…and the public school system is a shambles and loses tens of billions per year…and Medicare and Medicaid threaten to bankrupt the entire economy with their gigantic losses…and government has run up a $5.3 Trillion dollar unfunded liability just for pensions and free healthcare for government employees…and you think government is the answer to CUTTING the costs of healthcare...YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think government can save money on healthcare…even though the exact same people that run government have brought you an almost $2 Trillion dollar deficit…and almost $100 Trillion in debt…almost double world GDP (all the money made in the world each year)…and despite the fact that government loses money in every department and every agency, at every level, every year since inception…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

… and you're definitely an IDIOT.

If you propose paying for universal healthcare with taxes on the health benefits of every employee in America…EXCEPT union employees…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you want to lower the cost of healthcare…but you won't support tort reform…even though lawyers and legal abuse and waste and fraud combine to cost the healthcare system almost one trillion dollars a year…and you're a lawyer yourself…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you propose paying for universal healthcare by punishing "the rich" with a 5% surcharge on their incomes...even though that same group you are punishing (small business owners) already pays virtually all the taxes and creates 75% of the jobs in America...YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support a VAT tax just like socialist Europe...that puts a deadly tax on every product in every level of production and purchase...on top of all our other state, federal and local taxes...YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you support CARD CHECK…a new proposed law of the land…that takes away the right of Americans to vote in private...and allows union goons with tatoos and baseball bats to intimidate employees while they are forced to vote publicly to unionize…and will turn all of America into one big Michigan…the union state with the highest unemployment in America… YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you are in favor of bailouts of certain companies and certain industries…who just happen to give you large campaign contributions…all with taxpayer money…and you don't even ask the permission of the taxpayers…and you don't or won't disclose who got the money or how much...and you don't even say please or thank you, even though it's our money paying for it all…and you never even bothered to read the 1000+ page bailout bill (delivered to you only hours before you voted YES)… YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you believe it's greedy for American taxpayers to want to keep more of their OWN money…but it's not greedy to demand that government confiscate other people's money and redistribute to you…even though you didn't earn it…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you call it a “tax cut” when you give a welfare check to people that never paid taxes in the first place…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you propose the biggest income tax increase in history on "the rich"…AND take away deductions from "the rich" including mortgage deductions that threaten to wipe out the entire housing market...and also raise the capital gains taxes of "the rich"…and also take the cap off FICA taxes on "the rich"…and also bring back the death tax on "the rich”…and also universal health care surcharges on "the rich"…and possibly tax the health benefits of "the rich"… and also hit everyone in America with Cap & Trade taxes…and add a deadly new VAT tax on top of income taxes…and add sugar taxes…all while taxpayers are being hit with higher state income taxes, higher state sales taxes and higher property taxes… all in the middle of a depression…and you think that's “small and reasonable and fair”…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you like The Nanny State…if you like the results of the Michigan economy run by unions (the first state to hit 15% unemployment)…or WORSE the California economy…a state that has spent itself into oblivion, insolvency and bankruptcy…and you want to turn the whole of America into one big Michigan…or one big California…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think all your friends deserve a government job for life…and should belong to a government employees union…and get paid obscene salaries far higher than the private sector…and receive bloated pensions for life …and receive free health care for life…and a guaranteed job for life…even though many of them couldn't get a private sector job…all for just sitting at a desk for 25 years looking at their watch waiting for retirement at age they can collect a fat pension for the next 40 (or more) years…and you want to pay for all that on the taxpayer's dime…YOU MAY BE A SOCIALIST.

By the way…if after all that…you're a Columbia University economics professor, and you ever gave a student named Barack Obama an A…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

If you think school choice and charter schools and vouchers are bad…even though they have helped countless minority children trapped in failing hellholes called public schools…if you think competition is bad and public schools should have no competition…if you think rewarding good teachers with higher pay and firing bad teachers is a bad idea…if you think people have no right to decide where to use their own property tax money…to choose the best education possible for their children…YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

And If you think it's perfectly fine to appoint a Supreme Court justice for life, who thinks that a Latina woman can make better decisions from the bench than a white male simply because of the color of her skin…YOU MIGHT BE A RACIST.

Ladies and Gentleman…I think it's safe to say that our country, our economy, our education system, and capitalism itself is being run and ruined By SOCIALISTS, RACISTS and IDIOTS.

It's time to stand up…it's time to fight…it's time to put manners and politeness aside... it's time to's time to yell, scream, protest and get angry…it's time to take action…it's time to take back our country before there is no country or economy left to take back…before the American Dream is dead…before capitalism is destroyed…before our children are enslaved by big government and big taxes for generations to come…
I believe that it is time for a CITIZEN REVOLUTION.

I'm Wayne Allyn Root. Today is the day my book comes out, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” Today is also my birthday…and I'm spending it trying to save this great country. God Bless all of you. And may God Bless America.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book was released today (Monday July 20th) entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” The book is available at or at bookstores across the USA. For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at:

I was a Witness to History.

Tea Party Fever: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun: 20,000 Strong in two Texas Cities on Independence Day

The Shameless Cover-Up by the Mainstream National Media

Weapons of Mass Distraction- Media Feeds the Public a Steady Diet of Michael Jackson

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

I saw it. I’m a witness to history. Someone has to provide witness to what our national mainstream media refuses to cover. The anger is rising. It is boiling over. The signs of the coming citizen revolution are everywhere. Just two days ago, on July 4th I spoke at Tea Party protests in Austin and Dallas. About 20,000 Americans citizens attended those two protests on a national holiday, in stifling 102 degree heat and unfathomable humidity. I know what normal people would have done on a typical national holiday on a stifling hot summer day at any other time in our nation’s history- go swimming with their family, or barbeque with family and friends in the shade. But these 20,000 people in two Texas cities sacrificed their valuable family time on a holiday to stand in the blistering heat and direct sunshine to vent their anger at the politicians (of both parties) who are destroying our country, killing capitalism, damaging the economy beyond repair, and enslaving our children and grandchildren to a lifetime of debt.

I assume tens of thousands turned out in other cities across the country. Hundreds of thousands in all. But I wouldn’t know. The news media didn’t report it.

While the media willfully ignores the Tea Party protests right in front of their eyes, they choose to talk nonstop about “green shoots” in the economy that don’t exist. These “green shoots” are a total fabrication- a figment of an ignorant, delusional, or deliberately fraudulent liberal media’s imagination. The economy is crumbling. The Obama debt is turning a deep recession into “the Greater Depression.” The numbers get worse every day. We are on the verge of economic Armageddon. But the President, the politicians who enable him, and the mainstream media are afraid to present the truth to the public. Perhaps they believe, as Jack Nicholson said in the movie A Few Good Men, “The truth? You can’t handle the truth.”

What California is now experiencing- debt, default, insolvency, bankruptcy, IOU’s to its own citizens- is coming to a country nearest you called America. California is merely “the canary in the coal mine” of what irresponsible liberal fiscal policy is about to do to the entire USA. California is ground zero of economic Armageddon. California is the true sign of how deep the hole is. Yet Obama keeps digging.

The deficit is out of control. The debt is unsustainable. Small businesses close by the hundreds of thousands. Almost 500,000 Americans a month continue to lose their jobs. No more government employees can be hired or paid for. The Obama economic stimulus plan is in shambles. The game is up. Yet Obama wants desperately to add to the debt. He tries desperately to push through a new $1.6 trillion dollar Universal Healthcare bill that will cost more than all the personal income taxes paid in America. He tries desperately to push through a Cap and Trade bill that will double or triple our electric rates and put American business out of business- in the middle of a depression. He asks the Federal Reserve to print more money to pay for all his debt, bailouts, handouts, entitlements, union giveaways and redistribution schemes. It is all the definition of utter insanity.

Small business is the economic engine of our U.S. economy. Small business creates 75% of new jobs- yet small business is going out of business like never before. Every day more small businesses close by the thousands. The landlords that own the buildings and strip malls and shopping centers where those small businesses used to be located are in bankruptcy, or will be soon. A wave of commercial real estate foreclosures that has never been seen in U.S. history is on the way. A wave so crippling it will make the wave of home foreclosures we’ve just experienced look small. Banks will buckle under this coming commercial wave of debt. But this news the mainstream media refuses to report…or simply doesn’t even understand.

Worse, the upper middle class that owns those businesses and buildings and shopping malls, that pays virtually all of our taxes, is being driven out of existence. Whether Obama or his Kool Aid drinkers in the media realize it or not, his grand dreams are DOA (dead on arrival). The plan was to pay for it all by “taxing the rich.” Well the rich that Obama hates so much, whose money he planned to redistribute, is vanishing by the day. There is no income left to redistribute. There is no one left to pay Obama’s tab. But this news the mainstream media refuses to report…or simply doesn’t even understand.

But none of this stops the biased liberal media from talking about “green shoots” and the prospects of economic recovery right around the corner. However far worse than these false hopes of recovery are the outright deceptions and fraud of the media. Whenever 25 or 50 anti-war demonstrators gathered against the Iraq War during the Bush presidency, the media was there with dozens of cameramen and reporters to cover it in detail- and make it look like a citizen revolution. Yet today a true citizen revolution is brewing and the media refuses to cover it. The anger about the Iraq War was small and inconsequential compared to the anger in the streets from ordinary Americans today.

Today the proof that a true citizen revolution is brewing is evident at Tea Party rallies and protests across this great country. The protestors at these Tea Parties are not the typical socialist radicals, counter-culture hippies, and professional protestors of the left who attended the war rallies. The Tea Party protestors define middle America. These are small business owners, blue-collar workers, parents with young children in tow, grandparents, patriotic war veterans. These are people who have never said a bad word about America in their lives. These are flag wavers- not flag burners. These are lifelong Republicans and conservatives and libertarians who have never attended a protest in their lives.

These are patriots looking to save their country, not American-haters looking to tear it down. They used to be too busy running businesses and taking care of their families to protest. Now they are willing to protest, scream and rage at the politicians destroying he American Dream. This is the story of the decade- perhaps the century. This is the story that should be on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. This is the story that should lead off the national evening newscasts. Yet it is met with deafening silence. Instead we are fed a steady diet of Michael Jackson. Weapons of Mass Distraction.

Yet despite the media fraud and distractions, these quintessential middle American patriots are out in the streets protesting, screaming, raging. Angry. Bitter. Bursting at the seams in disgust and disillusionment. Not willing to take it anymore. Not words we’ve ever used to describe salt-of-the-earth middle American parents and grandparents. Something is happening. Something very unusual. Something very powerful. Perhaps for the first time ever, something out of the control of the mainstream national media (could that be what frightens them?). Something bigger than even the powerful politicians. Something bigger than all of us.

What I witnessed (as one of the main speakers at both events) in Texas on Independence Day was the Governor of Texas getting booed by his own conservative constituents. And the United States Senator of Texas getting literally booed and shouted off the stage by these same conservative constituents. These were Republican politicians. The protestors were taxpayers. Angry taxpayers. Angry that their money has been given away- looted- by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Angry about bailouts of wealthy corporations and CEO’s. Angry about wasted trillion dollar economic stimulus plans to nowhere. Angry about tax cuts given to people who never paid taxes in the first place. Angry about our government undertaking a hostile takeover of American business. Angry about government handing GM and Chrysler tens of billions of taxpayer dollars just so they could go bankrupt anyway, and then handing the leftover companies to the auto unions who weren’t even secured creditors. Angry about the socialization of America happening before our eyes.

20,000 people. In 102 degree heat and humidity. On a holiday. Not professional protestors, but taxpayers. Angry citizens. Parents. Grandparents. I was there to witness it. This is history in the making. The citizen revolution has begun. Whether the media notices…or cares…or understands…or not.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book will be released by John Wiley & Sons this July 20 entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” The book is available for pre-sale at For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at: