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THE BIG OBAMA CON JOB: Is Reverse Racism at the Heart of Goldman Sachs' Small Business Loan?

Was Goldman Sachs Forced to Make a Half Billion Dollar Payoff to the Minority Community as a (Legal) Bribe to Obama?

Small Business Faces an Economic Armageddon, While Obama Plays “the Race Card.”

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

Did you see the announcement of a week ago that Goldman Sachs is giving a half billion dollars to small businesses. Or are they? Why are they suddenly concerned with small business? They've certainly never cared about small business before. In the history of Goldman Sachs, what have they ever given to small business? The answer of course is nothing. Why the sudden interest? Could it be because Goldman Sachs has found out that it pays to play ball with President Obama? Could it be because if you do favors for Obama and his friends, you wind up with big bailouts, giant stimulus funds, government contracts…or perhaps avoid prosecution for any alleged crimes or fraud committed in the sub-prime mortgage scandal?

In any case, Goldman Sach's announcement was certainly less than honest in its wording. If you read the headline you'd think that Goldman is a hero to America's small businesses. But the reality (beneath the headline) is that Goldman Sachs is only concerned with one tiny segment of small business- MINORITY OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES. More specifically- minority businesses located in minority neighborhoods. Even more specifically, Goldman's loans to minority businesses located in minority neighborhoods will only be disbursed through “community organizations.” Organizations that I'm willing to bet are run by contributors to Obama's campaigns. Just a guess on my part. Anyone wanna bet?

Interesting timing. Was Goldman forced to play the “race card” by Obama? Was Goldman intimidated by the threat of possible legal prosecution by the SEC or Obama's Justice Department? Will a half billion dollar (legal) payoff to FOO (Friends of Obama) make the whole mess go away? Even better, will more government contracts, loans and stimulus now head Goldman's way? Will a measly half billion-dollar loan now result in billions in government largess thrown towards Goldman Sachs? Is this how deals are cut in D.C?

How did I break this code? How did I figure out what the media hasn't dared mention- that the entire half billion dollars is headed to minority-only businesses. Do you speak in “legal-ese?” That's the language designed by lawyers to fool taxpayers and ordinary citizens. I'm sure Goldman's Wall Street lawyers and Obama's government lawyers collaborated for days until they got the wording so confusing that no one would notice the racism in this deal.

If you don't speak in “legal-ese,” you probably missed the bleeding heart liberal code words in this announcement by Goldman Sachs. They didn't bother to announce that the half billion dollars was for minority loans only. They said, “Goldman will spend $200 million on education and training programs, while funneling $300 million to so-called community-development financial institutions, which largely serve historically disadvantaged communities that have had trouble accessing capital.” Then they added in the announcement that the loans would be only for businesses in “underserved areas.”

Notice the code words used by liberals and lawyers (I know, I repeat myself) to cover up reverse racism- “historically disadvantaged communities,” “underserved areas,” “community-development financial institutions.” By the way- what the heck is a “community-development financial institution?” Isn't a financial institution, just a financial institution? Well obviously not in Obama's race-charged world. Some institutions are better than others…more deserving than others…more “fair” than others in Obama's world. As long as they descriminate in favor of his politically-correct friends or approved race.

Obviously Goldman Sachs has chosen to become part of Obama's world. Perhaps we shouldn't be too harsh towards Goldman- the intimidation by Obama's lawyers and prosecutors may have been severe enough to make any CEO tremble and buckle. Obama and Rahm Emanuel play by “Chicago rules.” Refuse to play nice with Obama and face prosecution- along with billions in losses, fines and legal fees. Play nice, the case goes away, and billions in government stimulus funds just happens to find its way to you. If you or I conducted business like that, the government would label us “organized crime,” charge us with extortion, and send us to jail for life. But that's how you play ball in Washington- when the government makes the threats, it's all legal, and they get to use taxpayers' money for the payoff. Amazing.

Back to the liberal code words. “Disadvantaged,” “underserved” and “community-development” are all code words in Obama's community activist world for “minorities only need apply for government money.” It kind of reminds you of “Whites Only” signs outside playgrounds or water fountains in the 1950's. Or job openings for “whites only.” Or schools segregated for “whites only.” Or neighborhoods for “whites only.” Or how about this oldie: “Blacks ride in the back of the bus.” Do these descriptions sound ugly? Well they are ugly. They represent one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful eras in American history. They were disgusting, biased and racist then. And they still are today- except the roles have changed.

My mother used to say that “two wrongs don't make a right.” Well racism that favors minorities and discriminates against whites, is no better than the other way around. And when this prejudice, bias and racism is perpetrated by government (or a Wall Street firm acting under pressure from government), it's even more disgraceful. You mean in this terrible recession only minority-owned small businesses deserve Obama's attention? You mean a business owned by whites doesn't deserve the same help from government as a business owned by someone of color? I call that idea repugnant and the very definition of racism.

Obama campaigned as a man who would end racism. He made it clear that race should no longer matter. But the opposite is true- under President Obama it matters more than ever. Under President Obama it's fine to help people based on the color of their skin- as long as he chooses the color. It's back of the bus time again- only this time it's millions of small business owners who happened to be born white that get to ride in the back. Obama is telling small business owners who don't happen to have the right color skin to pound sand.

We are not in a recession. We are in a depression. Only small business can lead us out of this mess. Jobs come from small business, not Obama's friends in big government, big unions, or big business. That's a economic fact. Yet Obama's policies do nothing but punish small business with higher taxes, bigger penalties, more onerous rules and regulations. Small businesses continue to go out of business at a record pace. The expiration of the Bush income tax cuts will result in the biggest tax increase in history on small business. Add on universal healthcare taxes, cap & trade taxes, medicare tax increases for the wealthy, health surcharges for the wealthy, a raise in the FICA cap, a VAT tax, a raise in capital gains taxes, and the latest proposed tax- a Afghanistan war tax on the wealthy. It all adds up to Socialism…and a CATASTROPHE for small business owners.

Yet Obama's only bone thrown to small business is encouraging (ie intimidating) Goldman Sachs to give away $500 million to small businesses owned only by minorities, serving only minority neighborhoods, and with money doled out only by Obama's friends (and campaign contributors) at community activist organizations like ACORN. According to Obama, the rest of us just don't count. Get used to the new reality of America under Obama- where everything is based on race and the redistribution of income from one out-of-favor group (business owners) to a favored group (those who voted and contributed to Obama). In my book that's called racism. For President Obama, two wrongs obviously do make a right.

Obamacare: Is It Cold, Calculating, Ruthless & Audacious…or Truly Evil?

Is Newest Ruling on Women’s Health & Breast Cancer Tied to Politics?

Is the Obama Government “Cooking the Books?”

Will the “Death Panels” Start Early for Women- at Age 40?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

I really hate the fact that Obama and his minions have lied to us so many times that I no longer am willing to believe anything they do or say. But at the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist, don’t you find the timing just too much of a coincidence that the same week that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is having the CBO “score” the cost of his health care bill, the government’s cost/benefit panel (which has no breast cancer doctors on it) says it is no longer necessary for most women under the age of 50, or over the age of 74, to have mammograms, and for those from 50-74 to have them only every other year.

Could it be that this very strange ruling (out of the blue) refuting years of advice regarding annual mammograms for every woman over the age of 40 – advice that has saved hundreds of thousands of women’s lives has nothing to do with proper medical care, and everything to do with lying to the American people and misleading congress regarding the costs of government-run universal healthcare (aka Obamacare).

Let me just run some rough numbers. Assume there are seventy million women over the age of forty, thirty million of whom are in their forties or over the age of seventy-four. My wife tells me a mammogram with the office visit costs about $200. This ruling would eliminate fifty million mammograms annually. If my math is right that works out to be ten billion dollars per year or ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS over ten years. That is a very conservative calculation.

Since this decision certainly doesn’t make medical sense, is it possible this was done solely so the CBO could cut the cost of the health care bill by $100 billion dollars? I’d hate to think Obama and his minions would be willing to sacrifice the life of your mother, wife, or daughter for political gain. Is it possible they have become that desperate and arrogant? Are they that cold, calculating and ruthless? Or is it just pure evil that would allow big government bureaucrats to sacrifice the lives of women to accomplish their goal of redistributing wealth and socializing the medical system?

I would put nothing by this group. Remember the “radical rules” of socialist and Marxist community organizers like Obama mentor Saul Alinsky: the ends always justify the means. Obamacare isn’t about healthcare- it’s about higher taxes, bigger government, more power for bureaucrats, more government control over your life, and redistribution of wealth. It will be achieved by any and all means possible.

Public outrage is already forcing a reversal of this decision and the administration is supporting that reversal. And, why not- if this was done as an unconscionable way to “cook the books,” they already got what they wanted. You can bet the CBO estimate won’t be recalculated with the correct numbers. More importantly, it is merely the start of the healthcare rationing that will be necessary to pay for universal healthcare. You can only add 50 million new people to the healthcare system by rationing care for the other 250 million.

Liberals, intellectuals, and the biased, Obama-loving media scoffed at the notion of government-run “death panels.” Well this incident is proof they are coming. But it’s even worse than we imagined- government panels will not only allow you to die in the last stages of your life…because the costs to try to save you are too expensive…now it appears the decisions of cold, calculating government bureaucrats will hasten your death in the first place.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit

The Incredible Hypocrisy of Obama

Comparing Obama's Painfully Slow Decision on Afghanistan…to Obama's Rush To Pass Universal Healthcare

Nancy Pelosi's “Congressional Death Panels.”

Why a Vote for Universal Healthcare is a Vote for Political Suicide.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
"The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts!"

I'll keep this short and simple. Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan every day.
Yet, Obama appears in no hurry to decide how best to support and protect them. To the contrary, Obama stalls and procrastinates claiming he'd rather do it right, than fast. Meanwhile our sons and daughters die…and the morale of troops disintegrates.

Yet, when it comes to reforming healthcare OBAMA DEMANDS WE RUSH. Instead of doing it right, he demands we do it fast. Even if it means an incompetent, bumbling, hapless, and corrupt federal government might take over 17% of the U.S. economy. Even though government-run Medicare and Medicaid already threaten to bankrupt America with waste, incompetence, theft and corruption. Even though the federal government has never before run anything successfully, efficiently and profitably. What kind of madman would rush this decision on adding trillions in new spending on a risky unproven scheme in the midst of the worst depression since 1929 (and in my opinion- it is getting worse)? If there was ever a decision needed to be made right, rather than fast, this is it.

So why the rush? Obama knows anyone with common sense that has time to think about this plan (let alone read the actual bill), would never support it. Certainly not now- in the midst of economic Armageddon. That is why Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are demanding Congressmen and Senators vote on it before they read it...and before we (the voters) hear about the details- the massive new taxes, the onerous new mandates, the rationing, the criminal penalties, he dramatic expansion of Big Brother in our lives.

The vote must happen before the average distracted American voter realizes they will be forced to buy health insurance or be fined $15,000 or sent to prison; before Americans realize 50 million patients will be added to an already overloaded, overburdened healthcare system- while adding no new doctors, or worse yet, causing tens of thousands of doctors to retire rather than work for lower wages, higher taxes, and heavier workloads; before anyone realizes that you don't save money by spending an extra trillion dollars; before anyone realizes that government “experts” have always far underestimated the cost of every new proposed government program- in order to sell it- often by 10 times or more.

Do you need to know anymore about the reason Obama is rushing this pig of a bill through Congress? But there is more. Obama is afraid that Americans will realize the Senators and Congressmen, who are being threatened and bribed to vote for universal healthcare, know it is so bad that they themselves REFUSE to live by it. They have their own healthcare plan- no rationing or higher taxes (or both) for them.

Obama must rush the vote before anyone realizes he will not dare tax the top-of-the-line private health plans that could actually pay for this big government boondoggle- because those plans belong to the union members that supported Obama for President. Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel by the government employee unions, teachers unions, and auto unions.

And finally, Obama wants to rush through universal healthcare before anyone realizes that the taxes and surcharges to pay for it will cost millions of jobs and huge tax increases on EVERYONE!

The definition of a Ponzi scheme is to steal from one group of suckers to pay another. Eventually all Ponzi schemes fail- when you run out of suckers. In this case, the suckers are American taxpayers. Obama says only the rich will pay- don't believe it. A program this big and corrupt will hit everyone, regardless of income in their pocketbook. The rich will certainly be hit. Some will retire; some will move offshore; some will go underground;
some will cut back on hours because the reward is no longer worth the risk; and many will go out of business under the new burdens. Obama will learn that you CAN kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

The damage done to the rich will reverberate in deadly fashion to the middle class.
First jobs will be lost by the millions. Yes, millions MORE jobs than we've already lost. As my father used to say, "I'd love to hate the rich, but I've never gotten a job from a poor person." And, when the tax revenues necessary to fund universal government-run healthcare fail to appear (because the rich have gone out of business, or refuse to work), Obama will turn to the middle class to pay the bill. It may take 5 years of massive, unimaginable budget deficits, but soon enough the middle class will be asked to pay dearly.

Disaster looms. Don't say you weren't warned. The only bright lining is that the end of Obama and Pelosi's reign looms too. From now on, let's call a vote for universal healthcare “Nancy Pelosi's Congressional Death Panels.” Political suicide awaits the Democrats foolish and arrogant enough to pass this bill.

So, now you can clearly see why Obama can wait with a decision regarding Afghanistan (while our sons and daughters are fighting and dying), but he has no choice but to rush a vote on universal health care. Many of you may think it's because Obama and his minions are inept. Well, they may be, but they are also disastrously devious and know the way to get “the worst bill in the history of America” passed is by rush, rush, rush, and what better time than when Americans are distracted by the Christmas holidays.

Unemployment Hits 10.2%. Obama Sends Us on Path to Economic Ruin.

Forget “Death Panels” for Obamacare- The Real Tragedy Is Obama Killing Small Business!

Obama Wakes Up To Big Surprise- Government Creates No Jobs…Unions Kill Jobs.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

The national unemployment rate hit 10.2% today. What a surprise! Actually it may have come as a great surprise to “the Messiah” aka President Barack Obama, but it came as no surprise to anyone who understands economics. My old college classmate Obama is not among that group.

Small business creates upwards of 75% to 80% of all new jobs. If small business is failing, there are no new jobs. Without a robust small business community, there can be no economic recovery. All the stimulus money in the world going to Obama's big business campaign contributors- unions, government employees, banks, Wall Street- will not end the recession. All the government jobs “saved” and created will do nothing, but take money and jobs AWAY from the private sector. All the billions of dollars lavished on unions and union workers will push the country back into recession. All the government union workers honored with raises by Obama will increase the national debt and damage the economic recovery. Only a recovery led by small business can save us. We are staring at an economic Armageddon- not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

We have been lied to- by Obama, by Pelosi, by Treasury Secretary Geithner, by Fed Chief Bernanke. There is no recovery. The recession isn't over. To the contrary, we are in the start of a long-term depression caused by big government, big spending, onerous taxes and government regulations placed on business, too much deficit and debt.

Obama isn't the solution. He is the problem. He knows nothing about business- small or large. He has never owned a business, run a business, funded a business, or created a job in his life. His entire knowledge of economics comes from books. And they are the wrong books- Karl Marx never created a job either.

I didn't need today's bad news on unemployment to know we were coming out of the recession. I only needed to open my eyes and see the real tragedy right in front of me on Main Street:

*The hair salon where I've had my hair cut for 8 years- a bustling, loud, prosperous small business in Las Vegas (before Obama)- went out of business last month. Closed with no notice- the doors padlocked by sheriffs.

*The healthy fast food restaurant where I ate organic hamburgers, organic milkshakes, and baked fries for years- also a bustling, prosperous business (before Obama)- went out of business last month. Not just one small business, but rather the entire chain of 5 restaurants in Nevada and Florida gone.

*My biggest competitor in the sports handicapping industry, a legend in our industry, after 30 years in business, closed up shop 2 weeks ago. 30 years of prosperity, hundreds of millions in revenues pumped into the economy, and 100 good-paying jobs down the drain. All it took was 9 months of Obama running the economy.

*U.S. Air- the 2nd largest airline carrier into Las Vegas- announced just last week that they are cutting HALF their routes. Does that sound like the end of a recession?

*One of my neighbors- a well-known celebrity, CEO and multi-millionaire- has put his multi-million dollar Vegas mansion up for “short sale” to stave off foreclosure.

*One of my best friends has closed or sold off 8 of his 12 vitamin stores to try to “stop the bleeding” of business losses. He reports that the last 4 months have been the worst of his 25 years in business. He says, “business has literally dropped off a cliff.” He also says and I quote, “anyone that says we are in recovery is either a fool or a liar.”

Small business is in freefall. Not only will there be no new jobs, we will continue losing jobs until Obama finds a way to save small business. Unemployment will only go up from here. Saving or creating government jobs won't save the American economy- as we now see. Obama's theories don't work in the real world. They only work in books- books written by Karl Marx. The Obama experiment is a massive failure.

But the reality is Obama has a much bigger problem on his hands. Small business doesn't just create all the jobs, it pays virtually all the taxes. That means there will also be no tax revenues to pay for Obama's massive spending programs, entitlements and stimulus. That means all of Obama's deficit forecasts are way off. Since Obama projects almost $10 trillion in deficits over the next decade, my educated guess is we should count on a figure closer to $15 to $20 trillion in deficit. We are in a world of trouble under the leadership of a man who thinks government creates jobs. Good luck with that.

Having said all of that, just criticizing isn't good enough. Critics need to provide solutions. In my next commentary I'll show a simple two-step program (direct from the pages of my new book) to save small business and turn this entire economy around quickly. Obama, are you listening?

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit

Election Day Storyline: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

Tea Parties: 2
Obama: 0
Big Government: 0
Universal Healthcare: 0
Career Politicians: Endangered Species

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

What a night! I cheered and celebrated watching Republicans sweep the Virginia and New Jersey Governor's races (as well as other key races across the country in traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania). Not because I'm a Republican- I'm not anymore. But this was NOT a Republican victory. It was a victory for the Tea Party patriots. It was a victory for common sense independents and fiscal conservatives who oppose tax and spend. It was a crushing defeat for Obama and his radical leftist friends (led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank). It was a defeat for Obamacare, cap and trade, and big government proponents. And most importantly, it was a warning shot across the bow for incumbents and political insiders everywhere- the Citizen Revolution that I predicted in my new book "The Conscience of a Libertarian" has begun.

Republicans didn't actually win a thing. Voters simply repudiated Obama, socialism and the expansion of big government. Americans rose up to revolt against the party in power (Democrats)- just as they did in 2008 versus Bush and the GOP. Americans didn't vote for Obama a year ago. They voted against Bush. They voted against the party in power. They voted against “business as usual in Washington D.C.” Against the lawyers and lobbyists and special interests that are destroying our economy and our country.

Only one year later they've proved it wasn't a fluke by doing it again. They didn't vote last night for the GOP. They voted against Obama. It turns out voters do indeed want change- but not the kind offered by Republicans, Democrats, or any incumbent. They want the kind of change that comes from throwing the bums out (the bums being career politicians), and voting in fresh faces who believe in smaller government, lower spending and more power to the people (just as the Constitution intended).

It wasn't Republicans who swept to victory last night. It was the Tea Party crowds. The peasants with pitchforks that Obama, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media ignored, denigrated and humiliated. It was the small business owners who simply want government to get out of the way. It was the mothers and fathers of America who want to protect their children and grandchildren from a lifetime of slavery to deficit, debt, and big government.

Message to the media and political spin-meisters: Don't misread the tea leaves- there is no Republican Revolution. But the citizen revolution (with a fiscal conservative and Libertarian base) that I predicted in my new book has begun with a vengeance. The liberal mainstream media is so biased and out of touch that they don't realize it yet, but we are living through history. We are experiencing the start of a once-in-a-lifetime political revolution. Our generation's 1776. Our version of the shot heard around the world. My prediction that voters might actually V.E.T.O. (Vote Everyone of Them Out) the entire U.S. Congress in 2010 has started even sooner than I imagined- and with a vengeance.

Last night was a sign of the anger and outrage that small business owners and average Americans are feeling towards “business as usual” in Washington D.C. This wasn't about “conservative values” on social issues. This wasn't about abortion, or gay marriage, or
Terri Schiavo, or online gaming- all issues that damaged the Conservative/Libertarian coalition that makes up the Tea Party movement. This was about “the economy stupid.” This was about FISCAL CONSERVATISM and personal responsibility. If people have to cut back and live within our means, so does government. This was about the Triple Crown of cutting spending, cutting taxes, and cutting the size of government. The Tea Parties led the way. If Republicans think this was about party I.D., they've gotten the wrong message.

It turns out that the Tea Parties weren't fake afterall. There was no “astro turf.” They were actual spontaneous outpourings of expression of independent, commonsense and patriot Americans. This isn't some small grassfire. This is only the start of a full-fledged citizen revolution to save capitalism, save the Constitution, and save our beloved country.

Obama made a big mistake- his radical leftist power grab has awakened the sleeping giant of the Silent Majority. The centerpiece of this citizen revolution is simple: cutting the size, scope and power of government. Hear it loud and clear. Whoever supports those goals will emerge victorious in 2010 and 2012. And who ever doesn't, better get out of the way. Because you're standing in front of a train- the Tea Party Express. Our message for politicians is to stand by the people, serve the people, listen to the people, or face the wrath of the people. If you don't get the message, we stand poised to THROW THE BUMS OUT.

This morning Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater are looking down on us with a great big smile. I'm proud to call myself a REAGAN LIBERTARIAN. What a great day to be alive and to be an American. I love the smell of revolution in the morning.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his