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A Small Businessman’s Response to the State of the Union.

Who's the Enemy Mr. Obama- The Taliban or America's "Rich?"

Why Are the Job Creators and Taxpayers the ONLY Ones You Can't Afford to Help?

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Ronald Reagan would have said, "There you go again Obama." In last night's state of the union President Obama offered gifts to everyone in America, except the job creators and taxpayers. He told the lie again and again- that he is a tax cutter. He said, "I gave tax cuts to 95% of Americans." True. But he forgot to mention that the other 5% own all the businesses, create all the jobs and pay virtually all the taxes. He gave tax cuts to millions of people that never paid taxes in the first place. Smart move Mr. President. Screw the rich, and reward everyone else. No wonder we have an effective unemployment rate of almost 20%. How's that "spread the wealth around" working for you?

Obama promised goodies for everyone on the planet- except those making over $250,000 a year. He made a point of saying just that- we have no room for tax cuts for those making over $250,000 per year. Hey that's me! How lucky can a fellow get? Being a successful entrepreneur and small business owner under Obama is like winning the reverse lottery!

I studied hard; worked hard; never did drugs (unlike Obama); sacrificed while others were partying; graduated Valedictorian of my high school class; graduated Columbia University with honors (Deans List); and then went onto build businesses and create hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs. I did everything my parents and my country asked of me. They promised me if I did, I'd live the American Dream.

Today I work 16 to 18 hour days; I work well before 9 AM and well after 5 PM; I work weekends; I work holidays; I work on birthdays and anniversaries; I work full days while on vacation with my family; I pay huge taxes; I pay other people's health insurance; I have often withheld my own paycheck during lean times, so that I can make payroll for others; I built companies so that all my employees could also live the American Dream.

And my reward for all of that work, and sacrifice, and playing by the rules, is to be singled out by Obama on national TV as the bad guy. I'm the enemy. NOT the Taliban. It's me. I'm the guy with the bullseye on his chest. Everyone in the country gets a handout, a tax cut, an entitlement, and a tax break, but me. I get up at 5 AM and work 18 hours so that my reward is to be punished. Screwed. Taxed out of existence. There’s no room to reward me. Everyone else- there’s plenty of room for them. Me- I’m the lucky guy who has been singled out to pay for everyone else’s good times.

Obama's claim that he is fighting for small business is a lie. I am a small businessman. My friends are all small businessmen. We feel singled out for punishment and retribution (as well as redistribution). Obama thinks our hard-earned money is his. Well I have news for him- we earned it. It belongs to us. It's the taxpayers’ money; it does not belong to the government.

Obama's plan to help small business is typical Obama. It is all dressed up to sound powerful. But the reality is that beneath the beautiful bow is a huge pile of crap. Obama’s plan is an insult to all small business owners and investors. It is useless and meaningless.

We need tax cuts. We need to keep more of our own money. We need smaller government. We need for government to cut the taxes, rules, mandates and regulations that are strangling the lifeblood out of us. Instead he takes more of our money, yet tells us he's doing us a favor. No thanks. With friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

And Obama wonders why there are no new jobs? Trust me...there won't be any change in the unemployment rate anytime soon. Not with Obama as President. Not with that attitude. Small business is going on strike. Find your jobs and the taxes necessary to fund your welfare state somewhere else. We're out to lunch Mr. President. We’ll be back around 2012.

A Revolutionary Tea Party Plan to Save the U.S. Economy from Economic Disaster

A State of the Union From a Small Businessman, Capitalist Evangelist, Tea Party Enthusiast, and Reagan Libertarian.

Because Small Business Really is Too Big to Fail.

Only Small Business Can Turn Economic Armageddon into Economic Boom Overnight.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

We are not recovering from a recession. The spin, propaganda and wishful thinking from Obama, Congress and the Fed are wearing thin on the average American. Anyone with a brain and common sense can see that we are not recovering at all. Even the voters of Massachusetts realize things are bad and Obama’s plan isn’t working. There may be a recovery at GE, Haliburton and ExxonMobil (because of the legal bribery given to big business called stimulus and bailouts)- but not on Main Street where all the jobs are created.

Obama is about to present his State of the Union. But he doesn't have a clue about the true state of the union for small business owners. I am a small businessman. My friends are almost all small business owners. We all believe that Obama’s prescription for saving the American economy is a disaster. His policies of tax and spend are killing jobs, destroying confidence, and wiping out small businesses by the thousands per month.

Without a recovery by small business, there can be no recovery for the U.S. economy. Today I present a plan that can save small business…direct from the only small businessman-turned 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. I’m proud to call myself a Tea Party REAGAN LIBERTARIAN. My hero Ronald Reagan understood small business. That is why he created the largest tax cut in U.S. history- a tax cut aimed squarely at small business. That one brilliant stroke of capitalist incentive ushered in the greatest economic expansion in world history, leading to 25 years of virtually uninterrupted economic success.

My plan is “Reagan squared.” It has one goal in mind- creating tens of millions of new jobs by motivating and encouraging small business. This plan allows small business owners to keep more of their own money, and encourages them to invest it, risk it, and spend it on building new businesses, expanding old businesses, and creating new jobs. That is how you save the U.S. economy from economic disaster.

Things are bad…and getting worse. As a small businessman, with my finger on the pulse of Main Street, not Wall Street, I see the true state of the union. This is not a recession; it is a depression. We are not in recovery. We are in the depths of a long-term depression. I believe America is on the verge of economic collapse. For us to get out of this Great Depression II, we must focus on small business- not big government, not big corporations, not unions, not lawyers, not lobbyists, not government spending, not stimulus spending, not the hiring of more government employees. None of those create jobs (as Obama has proven). Jump-starting small business is the only way out of this catastrophe.

Printing money and passing out piles of fake cash in the form of bailouts and stimulus may make things look better for the short term, but they only make the long-term situation worse. The fact is governments around the world are out of ammunition. As soon as the stimulus and bailouts run out, we will all feel the REAL effects of this economic Armageddon: devaluation of the dollar; dramatically higher interest rates; dramatically higher taxes; dramatically higher inflation; dramatically lower government bond ratings; default on our debt; and sooner, rather than later, economic collapse. That is the future we are facing- and it is ugly.

Barack Obama hasn’t a clue what to do. He is a typical lawyer, community activist and career politician. None of those groups knows anything about small business. Obama arrived at the White House without having ever created a private sector job in his life. His track record is still perfect- after a year as President, he still hasn’t created a private sector job.

Mr. Obama needs an economics lesson- saving or creating government jobs doesn’t count. Each government job is actually a drain on the economy- they COST taxpayers’ money (not just today, but for decades to come with pensions and benefits like free healthcare). The size of big government is like a giant vortex- sucking money out of the economy, as well as damaging, discouraging and punishing small business and taxpayers. Government spending, and government employee unfunded liabilities are combining to dig a hole so deep for the U.S. economy that we may never recover. The millions of government jobs at the federal, state and local level aren’t the solution…they are the problem.

BUT there is a solution. There is still time to save America. We can turn this depression into the greatest economic turnaround in world history. We can create an economic boom- just as Ronald Reagan (inspired by my other hero Congressman Jack Kemp) did when he saved us from the malaise and misery of the deep recession and bleak future created by Jimmy Carter. The turnaround started then, and starts today with an economic plan aimed squarely at small business. Small business is the economic engine of the American economy. Small business has created virtually all of the tens of millions of new American jobs since the Reagan Revolution. Without small business leading the way, there can be no economic or jobs recovery.

The Obama economic plan is all wrong. He is an intellectual who has spent a great deal of time reading books. Unfortunately many of those books were written by Karl Marx. Have you seen the results of Marx’s economic prescription on the economies of Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, the old Soviet Union, the old communist China, and even most of Europe today? Those economies share similar results- limited economic growth, no job growth, no small business creation, and a far lower quality of life for their citizens. Redistribution of wealth, tax hikes on the rich, punishing the business owners, encouraging unionization of the workforce, forcing up minimum wages, massive entitlement programs, massive government spending and hiring have never created job growth in the real world. America, under Obama, is headed in the wrong direction.

So how do you save the world’s biggest economy? The same way that Reagan created the greatest economic explosion in world history- by allowing small business owners and investors to keep more of their own money. Obama will call this plan a “giveaway to the rich.” But someone needs to explain to Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their socialist cabal that it can’t be a giveaway, when it’s your money in the first place. Tax revenues belong to taxpayers and business owners- not the government. Allowing someone to keep more of the money they earned is quite simply a smart and lightening quick way to encourage the creation of millions of new jobs. As my father used to say, “I’d like to hate rich people, but the problem is no poor person has ever given me a job.” Mr. Obama has yet to learn that lesson. It’s clear that any Columbia University economics professor who ever gave Obama an “A” is a socialist.

Obama has given away money by the trillions as President- but to the wrong groups. He has redistributed it from the business owners and job creators…to people with their hands out, who didn’t earn it. He has given what he calls “tax cuts” to people who never paid taxes in the first place. He has rewarded unions that destroyed and bankrupted their employers in the first place. He has turned GM and Chrysler into $100 BB government welfare programs (that happen to build a few cars). He has given away corporate welfare by the trillions (calling it “bailouts”) to big business, but given nothing to small business. Those are in fact all the definition of “giveaways.” That kind of spending runs up the debt and bankrupts the nation. If Obama claims we can't afford to cut taxes on small business, America has a strong, loud and clear message for him: CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING. The reason for our deficit and national debt isn't that we tax too little, it's that government spends too much.

Obama can’t tax us out of a depression. Obama isn’t saving the America economy with income tax hikes, capital gains tax hikes, healthcare tax hikes, VAT taxes, FICA tax hikes, Medicare tax hikes, cap and trade taxes, new taxes on banks and Wall Street. He is killing the motivation and spirit of the only group of people that can save us from disaster- small business owners and investors. He’s CAUSING a depression and destroying capitalism. Perhaps that’s his plan to socialize America. If so, it's working.

This Tea Party plan is simple. It allows the citizens and taxpayers of this great country to keep more of the money they earn. This plan aims to inspire the small businessman and woman; to motivate them; to get them excited again about risking and investing in the American Dream. A government handout doesn’t do that. A tax cut does. That kind of common sense isn’t found in books read by Ivy League intellectuals. Surprisingly, it isn’t even found on Wall Street anymore. It is only found on Main Street.

Ronald Reagan proved that you can turnaround even an economic disaster quickly with a giant tax cut aimed at the most important people in any economy-SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. These courageous financial risk-takers create virtually all the jobs, pay most of the taxes, allow all of their employees to build their own American Dream. These are the heroes of the business world. This simple, common sense 5-step plan to motivate small business goes even further than my hero Ronald Reagan. It is Reagan SQUARED. It is the Tea Party/Reagan Libertarian solution to saving the U.S. economy.


Liberals (who lack common sense) will scream that Obama already gave us a giant “tax cut.” But he gave it to the wrong group. It went to his voters- people who rarely pay any taxes in the first place. What a gigantic mistake. Aim the tax cut at the people who make all the difference in a capitalist society- the taxpayers. Can you imagine the audacity of that? Actually giving tax cuts to people who pay the taxes in the first place! My plan allows everyone in America who already pays taxes to keep 100% of their own income for one year. Stand back and watch the economic explosion created when they spend it (helping retail sales), invest it (helping stocks and real estate), use it to pay down their mortgages (helping banks and ending the foreclosure crisis), and use it to start businesses in record numbers (creating jobs).

Obama will say, “How would we run government without taxes? We can’t afford it?” Really? The cost of this income tax vacation is a measly $1.2 trillion. None of those issues seemed to bother Obama when he spent trillions on bailouts and wasted stimulus- all of which created zero jobs and did nothing to improve the economy (except reward his voters and contributors). So either shut up and try it, or simply find $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. The American economy is in freefall because government spends too much, NOT because taxpayers pay too little. Cut taxes so that people can keep more of their own money (in this case ALL of their own money) and you will create an economic boom that no amount of government spending can replicate.

Let people keep their own money and watch what they do with it- they will choose to multiply it. Simply put- they will put it to work. They will start small businesses at the fastest rate in history. Keeping 100% of your own money puts people in a positive, confident mood. Watch them be motivated and inspired to create more where that came from. All of which enriches the economy and creates jobs.

Small business owners and investors are only motivated to get up in the morning and risk their life savings, and work long hours (that no union or government employee would ever put in) to improve their lives…to buy things they desire…to create financial security…to send their children to private school instead of failing public schools…to give the best in life to their families. That’s the only reason that entrepreneurs and capitalists risk their life savings. No amount of wishful liberal thinking can change that fact. That’s why Obama is failing so miserably. No entrepreneur gets up in the morning to make government rich with the fruits of his or her labor. Obama understands nothing about what made America so successful. We are a nation of risk-takers. But we risk so courageously to benefit our families, not government. That’s the foundation of capitalism- risk and reward. That is precisely why we lead the world in entrepreneurship and job creation. Reagan understood that.

This Tea Party plan actually creates more tax revenues in the long run by eliminating them temporarily. First, this plan leads to massive sales taxes- as people spend their extra money on goods, clothes, restaurants, homes, stocks, home repairs, and building new businesses. Second, this plan creates millions of new jobs- which leads to a dramatic increase in payroll taxes (and reduction in welfare and unemployment spending). Third, all the business and jobs created by this one-year income tax vacation will create an avalanche of taxes for years to come. This one-year income tax vacation is actually the foundation of a long term tax revenue explosion.


The key to the success of our economy is small business investment. Even Obama mouths that concept. But a temporary capital gains cut or elimination will not work. Small business owners and investors need security and certainty. There is only one way to spur small business investment and expansion in the middle of a depression- eliminating capital gains taxes permanently. What a synergistic combination- a one-year income tax vacation, combined with the elimination of capital gains taxes! The income tax vacation gives taxpayers $1.2 trillion in extra money in their pockets. The capital gains tax elimination motivates them to invest it- exactly what we desperately need them to do.

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, I understand small business owners. If you let me keep 100% of my money for one year and tell me capital gains are eliminated, I will put that money to work immediately. I will invest 100% of this extra money in my business, or new business startups. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The money I invest in this one year could make me financially secure for the rest of my life. I'm sure that liberals will hate this idea. Obama might ask, “What do the poor get out of this?” Well how about jobs? Millions of them. Just as Reagan’s tax cut led to the creation of over 40 million jobs- virtually every one of them in small business. Yes, trickle down did in fact work. Not everyone got rich. But everyone had a job. Now they don't. In retrospect, I think it’s clear that trickle down worked just fine. Every time an entrepreneur opens a business he is helping create jobs, paying salaries, paying payroll taxes, paying for health insurance, paying the taxes to fund the government. Entrepreneurs allow others to live their American dream.

The bonus is this step allows us to compete with our #1 competitor China- who has a zero capital gains tax. China understands how to motivate entrepreneurship and small business creation. If Obama raises capital gains taxes (as he plans in 2011), we lose the economic battle with China- PERIOD. China catapults past the USA forevermore.

Finally think of the biggest bonus of all. If there are no more taxes on capital gains (and investment income of all kinds) older Americans can afford a much higher quality of life in retirement. Anyone can now retire on HALF the amount of assets- because your interest, dividends and investments are now tax free. Think of what older Americans would do with that extra money- fuel the economy, buy homes, buy stocks, travel (thereby enriching the tourist industry), dine out more often (thereby enriching the restaurant industry), and pay for their grandkids’ college educations. A capital gains tax elimination is good for jobs…good for stocks and real estate…good for small business…good for older Americans…and GREAT for the America economy.


Once again, this tax suspension is a boon for small business. Employees and employers each pay half of payroll taxes. The employees are already getting a one-year income tax vacation. But here we give the business owner a payroll tax vacation- by suspending the employer’s half of the payroll tax for two years. That means for the next two years, it costs far less for any business owner to create a job. Without a penalty for every new employee hired by a business owner, there is now incentive to hire. This idea also frees up capital for business owners. Every dollar saved by not having to pay half of each employees’ payroll taxes, can now be used to expand businesses, expand inventory, buy business supplies and equipment, advertise, market or promote. All of those actions create jobs. Money going to payroll taxes does not. This one idea- combined with the capital gains tax elimination- makes it a joy (instead of a burden) to own a small business again.


Immigration could be the most controversial and important topic of America’s future. America was built by immigrants. Studies prove that immigrants actually fare financially better in this country than native-born Americans. Now, however, illegal immigrants are draining the American economy. They cost taxpayers billions in welfare, food stamps, free meals at school, English as second language programs, free education and healthcare (and eventually Social Security).

Let’s first secure the borders to dramatically reduce future illegal immigration. At the same time let’s enact the exciting and creative step of offering instant residency and an easy, quick path to citizenship for skilled, educated, and financially secure immigrants, which will help trigger a turnaround to small business and the American economy.

Specifically any immigrant who invests $250,000 into either a home, or a small business creating jobs in the United States, should be granted instant residency and a path to citizenship. Current programs are limited and so bureaucratically entwined as to be practically worthless. This plan is simple, loud and clear: bring money, skills, and resources to start businesses and create jobs and you will be instantly welcomed into the land of opportunity.

This step would instantly unleash the greatest period of immigration to America ever. But not just any immigrants. This plan promotes the right kind of immigration explosion. This plan would encourage millions of patriotic new Americans excited and motivated to live the American Dream. New citizens that love and appreciate capitalism and entrepreneurship. The passion of these new citizens will create an avalanche of new jobs, taxes, consumer spending, and investment in stocks, real estate and small business. America would suddenly add millions of the best and brightest and most ambitious middle class citizens from every country in the world. These immigrants would add jobs by the millions, instead of taking them. These immigrants would pay taxes by the billions, all while utilizing few, if any, government services. What a boon to the U.S. economy!

As it stands now, we send away or discourage the skilled, educated, wealthy immigrants we need to enrich our economy, and allow millions of illegal immigrants that strain our resources to stay forever. That’s simply crazy. That’s self-destructive. That lacks common sense.

When these hungry, ambitious, educated, skilled, middle class and upper middle class immigrants move to America by the millions over the next 5 years they will buy millions of homes- thereby ending the housing and foreclosure crisis. Home prices would instantly rebound for every American homeowner. They will buy or start new businesses- thereby creating millions of new jobs. They will pay into the payroll tax system- thereby delaying the eventual bankruptcy of Social Security (which should be privatized with this new reprieve). They will put their money into U.S. banks- thereby ending the banking crisis. They will buy things- thereby increasing consumer spending and enriching small business. This is the instant fix we so desperately need to turnaround the U.S. economy.

No one is stopping traditional legal immigration. Nothing changes there. That will continue unabated so that people around the world without money or assets still get a shot at the American Dream. But this plan stops illegal immigration and encourages the right kind of healthy immigration to feed a new American economic renaissance. These new immigrants that my plan encourages to come to America will form the foundation of our future.


Yes, I’m a proud card-carrying Reagan fiscal conservative. But here’s where I showcase my true Libertarian bona fides. We have to stop being busybodies or nannies toward our neighbors. Let people do what they want to do- as long as it involves consenting adults, and doesn’t harm you. It’s called personal freedom. That’s why the Pilgrims first risked their lives to come to a new land. It’s why we fought and won- against all odds- the America Revolution.

Secondly, it’s just none of your business what other people choose to do with their free time, or their money, in their own home or bedroom. If you don’t agree with their choice, then don’t do it yourself. But leave them alone to make their own choices, or mistakes.

Third, prohibition has never worked- anywhere in the world, at any time in history. People will always find a way to do what they want to do. I say we should capitalize on their “sins” by legalizing them. If it’s necessary for government to regulate and tax them to accomplish this, then let’s do it on the state level. Keep the federal government out of it- as per the Constitution. It’s not my ideal to ever tax anything- but it beats throwing Americans in jail who have harmed no one else.

Fourth, we simply cannot afford this Nanny State- the cost of locking up harmless people in prisons is helping to bankrupt many states. Not only would legalizing and taxing “sin” save billions, it would raise billions more that could solve the looming state budget deficit disaster.

We live this credo of economic and personal freedom in Nevada- my home state. We are the laboratory for the experiment- and we have proven it works. Taxes on gambling (and even legal prostitution) fund our state government- enabling us to have no income taxes, no business income taxes, no capital gains taxes, no death taxes, and the 16th lowest property taxes in America. You know what I call that? HEAVEN. The result- until this depression destroyed tourism, thereby effecting Nevada’s tourist economy more than most states, we featured the fastest growing population and fastest growing economy in all of America for the last 25 years. That’s one heck of a track record.

If people want to choose “sin,” that’s none of your business. But interestingly, Las Vegas also leads the nation in churches per capita. What that proves is that allowing freedom does not stop citizens who choose not to indulge in sin, from living their lives. Ironically it helps law-abiding, church-going citizens lead a much better quality of life. The taxes that gamblers and other “sinners” pay in Nevada allow the rest of us to keep more of our own money and lead a better life.

Studies prove that the legalization of marijuana and online gambling would generate almost $300 billion in new tax revenues. People gamble online and smoke pot every day- you cannot stop it. Daily our government wastes billions and ruins the lives of consenting adults by enforcing these ridiculous laws and bans on personal freedom. The only groups benefiting from this lunacy are big government, police, prisons, courts, lawyers, drug dealers and bookmakers. It’s time to legalize, regulate and tax sin, just as we already do with alcohol. That will produce almost $300 billion in new tax revenue can be used to reduce taxes on small business; or fund healthcare reforms at the state level- without raising taxes one dime on the rest of us. In fact, if allocated wisely, it should allow us to be able to reduce other taxes.

Legalizing and taxing “sin” will allow us to solve our healthcare problems without new taxes or bigger government. We don’t need universal healthcare, new mandates, new taxes, and draconian fines or prison sentences to reform healthcare. We need more freedom. We need to get government out of the way. We need to allow consumers to find the best healthcare policy anywhere it is offered- beyond state lines or not. We need to allow anyone to buy the policy that best fits their needs. We need high deductible catastrophic health plans, combined with HSA (Health Savings Accounts). We need tort reform- which Obama won’t even mention in his universal healthcare plan (because he is a lawyer-and he’s bought and paid for by lawyer contributions). And we need to stop trying to ruin or change healthcare for the 80% of America that is satisfied with their current plan.

The best way to “reform” healthcare (besides reducing the role of government and lawyers) is to help the small portion of society facing tragic and expensive, catastrophic medical needs, those with pre-existing conditions, and the indigent. Leave everyone else alone. I believe that private charity should play the biggest role in cases like this. I’m skeptical that turning to big government is ever in the best interest of our citizens. But if there must be any involvement by government, it should only be at the state and local level, where at least it would be Constitutional. That prescription will cost far less than the trillion dollars Mr. Obama wants to spend on healthcare reform. This smaller and more reasonable fix can be paid for with the almost $300 BB in new taxes flowing to the government from the legalization of marijuana and online gambling (and we should even have room left to reduce or eliminate other taxes as a result). This is the way to reform healthcare for the few who need it, while leaving the rest of us alone, without raising our taxes one dime. Problem solved.

This is a simple, common sense 5-step plan to quickly turnaround the U.S. economy and save capitalism. It turns economic Armageddon into economic boom. All it relies on is the idea that letting people keep more of their own money makes them happy, positive and confident...and motivates them to create more, invest more and risk more. That is how you restore and expand the American Dream for centuries to come. God Bless America.

The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

Any Attempt to Pass Universal Healthcare Now will Damage the Obama Presidency Beyond Repair…and Result in Unrest in the Streets.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned-Vice Presidential-Nominee Predicted Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts…and Now Makes More Controversial Political Predictions.

Last Night’s Big Winners: Tea Parties, Conservatives, Libertarians, Small Business Owners, the Cop from Cambridge, and Hillary Clinton.

Last Night’s Big Losers: Obama, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Unions, and Universal Healthcare.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

A few thoughts and predictions on winners and losers after the historic upset in Massachusetts last night:

The citizen revolution- as predicted in the sub title of my new book- has begun. The Tea Parties really are the most popular political party in America.

Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave. His seat has gone not just to a Republican…not just to a conservative…but to a Tea Party-supported candidate who drives a pickup truck.

Obama denigrated the cop from Cambridge, Massachusetts only a few short months ago…now the Cambridge Police Department (who endorsed Scott Brown) and the state of Massachusetts have handed Obama the most humiliating defeat in political history. Call it the revenge of the Cambridge cops!

Obama just became the biggest flameout in U.S. political history. If you can’t win in the bluest state in America…you’re going to lose by a landslide in 2010 and 2012 everywhere else. Can you imagine? Obama and Obamacare were just repudiated by the same voters that brought us the Kennedys, McGovern, Dukakis and Kerry.

Why did this happen in Massachusetts of all places? Because Massachusetts just happens to be the only state in America that already has universal healthcare. They are the only voters who know for a fact that government-run healthcare is a catastrophe…and that every word coming out of Obama’s mouth is a lie. Their vote is witness to their anger and disillusion.

This was NOT a Republican victory. Those who think it is are sadly mistaken. Just as Obama’s victory was misunderstood from day one- it was never a vote for Obama and the Democrats. It was a vote against Bush. Scott Brown’s victory was a vote for conservative fiscal principles…against universal healthcare….against bigger government…against socialism…and against Obama.

The same Tea Party voters who handed Scott Brown the biggest upset in political history will throw his butt out of office if he betrays their principles of smaller government, lower taxes and power to the people. No one politician and no one party is in control now. The people are in control- just as the Founding Fathers intended.

Conservatives, Libertarians, small business owners, and anyone who stands for smaller government won a huge victory tonight…as did the American taxpayer. The grownups who actually pay the taxes and create the jobs are taking back the country.

The D.C. ruling class is in shock. The career politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, unions, government bureaucrats, and Democratic machine lost BIG.

The biggest loser of the night wasn’t even Obama. It was Harry Reid. Poor ‘ole Harry now knows his career is over. He lost his way…lost his small town roots…and now he’s lost his job. Harry Reid is nothing more than a placeholder for the next 10 months until election day.

Harry Reid is sick to his stomach right about now…Trust me Harry, it isn’t swine flu.

And how about all those Las Vegas casino owners who bet big on Harry and his son Rory with all those big campaign contributions. They just found out they bet on the wrong horse. I’d like to see their faces right about now. Oh well, can I interest any of you in a free meal and a casino rate room? Isn’t that what you usually offer the losers on the way out the door?

Only the union bosses lost as big as Harry Reid tonight. The corrupt deal that Obama handed the unions only days ago (exempting them from paying the bill for universal healthcare) was the final straw for all common-sense voters. The result? A dramatic Scott Brown-surge in the last week. Call it the revenge of the private sector.

Hillary Clinton was the stealth winner tonight. I predict she runs in a Democratic Presidential primary in 2012 and beats the sitting President. Trust me, the whispers are already starting in powerful circles (see George Soros). The Democrats cannot save themselves in 2012 without throwing Obama under the bus. And they will.

The people I feel best about tonight are my many friends who own and run small businesses. They were scared that universal healthcare would put them out of business. Not anymore. The American people stopped universal healthcare. The people pulled off something no expert or Beltway pundit thought was possible (except for this Vegas oddsmaker). It's this "can-do" spirit that has made America the greatest country in world history. Anything is possible in this great country.

One last prediction- if Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their socialist cabal try to bypass the will of the American people and ram universal healthcare down our throats, there will be hell to pay….there will be unrest in the streets…protests will shut down Washington D.C. and it will bring down the Obama Presidency. For once the protestors in the streets won’t be the poor with nothing to lose…the streets will fill with the small business owners, doctors, taxpayers, and the middle class. The people won’t even wait until November to throw the bums out.


The Citizen Revolution Has Begun...just like the American Massachusetts.

Political Predictions of GOP Victory...from the Only Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned Vice Presidential Nominee

It was only a few weeks ago that I predicted in a commentary that Democrats would pass universal healthcare without a so-called “public option.” At the time, Democratic leaders in Congress were screaming hysterically about the public option having to be included. I predicted in my commentary that this was all a smokescreen…a charade…to distract the voters. Democrats never intended to pass a public option. The plan all along was to pass something with a different name, that appears at first glance to be “more moderate,” and claim they had compromised. In reality this 2000+ page healthcare monstrosity is the death of American business. It is the opening for socialism (government control of business and our lives- medical and financial) that Obama and his radical leftist cabal have sought from day one. My prediction has come true. That’s exactly what is happening.

It was only a few days ago that I predicted in a commentary that President Obama never intended to tax high value health insurance plans that belong to union members. That too was a smokescreen intended to make him look “fair.” In the end I predicted that Obama would give a corrupt special interest gift to the unions that contributed so mightily to his election, and find a way to make unions wiggle out of paying for universal healthcare. That’s exactly what happened late last week. Obama gave the unions an exemption so outrageous it should lead to revolution in the streets from…everyone else. Where’s my exemption? Where’s yours?

I have news for Obama- If you think everyone in the country should pay for universal healthcare…except union members…YOU JUST PROVED YOU'RE NOT ONLY A SOCIALIST….BUT A CORRUPT ONE TOO.

Obama’s corrupt compromise gave unions a 5-year exemption from higher taxes, while the rest of us suffer right away. But that’s only the start of this outrageous scam. The reason Obama gave the unions until 2018 to start paying…is all part of his cynical game. This deal buys them all 8 years to figure out how to exempt union members permanently- in the smoke-filled backroom, while no one is watching and this controversy is forgotten. So there’s my next prediction…if Democrats stay in power, unions will never wind up paying a dime for universal healthcare.

But here’s my most important prediction of all- Obama and the Democrats are about to be swept out of office in the biggest Tea Party revolt since 1776. As a matter of fact, my gut instinct tells me Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown will pull one of the most shocking political upsets in history on Tuesday. Mark it down…whether Brown wins, or simply comes close…the Tea Party political revolution began in Massachusetts just like the first one in 1776.

The only thing standing in the way of this “mother of all upsets” is Obama and his corrupt Massachusetts labor union buddies bringing thousands of dead bodies to the polls on Tuesday. My guess is they are digging up the graves right now. But I don’t think it will be enough. Even the liberal voters of Massachusetts have had enough. What happened? Simple. The citizens of Massachusetts got a head start on experiencing "universal healthcare." As the first state with government-run healthcare (courtesy of Mitt Romney) they found out firsthand that it's a huge fraud- medical costs rise, wait times rise, quality of care deteriorates. The Obama lies only work on those who have never experienced government-run healthcare.

Despite my support for a true fiscal conservative named Joe Kennedy, the Libertarian in that MASS. U.S. Senate race, I believe that a Scott Brown victory will be a huge victory for Tea Parties and be the ultimate “canary in the coal mine.” Brown’s victory will destroy the 60 vote margin needed to pass universal healthcare in the U.S. Senate. This red victory in a blue state will give Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, and Barney Frank a preview of the political beat-down to come. Even the swine flu never caused the amount of violent shaking and vomiting that you’ll see in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

What a Tea Party message. If Democrats can’t hold onto Ted Kennedy’s seat in the bluest state in America…where no Republican has won a U.S. Senate seat since 1972…Obama becomes a Jeopardy question…”What politician became both an overnight sensation…and within only one year an overnight disaster?” Obama becomes nothing more than a short blip in political history. A fluke based on a fraudulent image and the voters’ dislike of Bush. Even if Democrat Coakley manages to hang on in the slimmest of victories, the message will be sent. It’s all over for the Obama Socialist cabal. If you can’t win in a landslide in Massachusetts, you’ll lose in a landslide in 2010 everywhere else. The fact that this race is close is a sign of the difference the Tea Party movement has made in American politics.

The beauty of the Tea Party movement is that most of its members equally distrust and dislike Republicans and Democrats. If the Republican is elected in Massachusetts on Tuesday...and Republicans sweep to victory across the country in 2010…and betray our Tea Party values…raise taxes…raise spending…or violate the constitution…they will all be voted out too. The Tea Parties hold everyone accountable. I predict after one more “marriage” to Republicans, it will become clear that the only viable choice is a third party movement. But in the meantime, the result will be something beautiful and wonderful to a Libertarian-conservative like me: GRIDLOCK.

I predict a 40 to 50 seat Republican landslide in Congress in 2010. It will blow past 1994 as the biggest comeback in political history. Is that good for America? Well I’m no fan of Republicans either. Republicans and Democrats seem to take turns expanding government, enriching their corporate contributors, dramatically increasing the deficit and national debt, and spending us into bankruptcy. This Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown is a great example- he has never seen a tax increase or spending increase he didn't support as a Republican state senator. Suddenly he appears to have undergone a conversion. Suddenly, he’s a Tea Party candidate. The good news is that now there is a movement to hold his feet to the fire. If he betrays the Tea Party moving forward- he too will be thrown out of office- right on his butt.

But the really good news is to come in 2010- when Republicans take over Congress. The reason it is good news is that gridlock is good for taxpayers. A Republican Congress will checkmate a Democrat President. When nothing gets done, taxpayers win (see the Clinton era) and deficits go down (see Clinton era). It’s actually quite simple- with no one in power able to pass their own agenda, nothing passes, government doesn't grow, and we all save money. Gridlock might just be our last chance to save this country from economic collapse.

Will Brown’s election in Massachusetts stop Obamacare? Possibly. My best guess is that Democrats will attempt to use every trick in the book to pass it anyway. Whether they find reasons to stall his seating in the U.S. Senate, or to pass Obamacare with a simple House vote (without ever asking the Senate to vote again). But again, this is why the rise of the citizen revolt called the Tea Parties is such a powerful development. For the first time politicians of both parties are truly frightened. For the first time the “ruling class” in D.C. is frightened. A GOP victory in the most unlikely of places- Massachusetts- will put the fear of God into moderate blue dog Democrats everywhere. Suddenly, it will become crystal clear that a vote for Obamacare is a vote for the end of your political career.

I also have a selfish reason to want to see gridlock in D.C. Gridlock in 2010 buys me time to put my Libertarian plan in place. By 2012 or 2016, through grass roots organization and fundraising efforts, I hope to have the Libertarian Party in a strong position to actually elect Congressman, Governors and other major political offices. The timing will be perfect- Republicans will have had enough time in power to hang themselves again. The GOP will once again prove that when it comes to spending taxpayer money, they are not to be trusted. Polls prove that voters now want a credible third party alternative. One more round of Republican abuse of power will finally bring the point home.

What this country desperately needs right now is political turmoil…leading to citizen revolt…leading to gridlock…leading to a realization that both major political parties are a disaster for taxpayers…leading to a credible and marketable third party alternative. A Libertarian alternative that stands for both economic and personal freedom, and more power for the people. That is what you call a true political revolution…and a true Tea Party victory. For the first time in a very long time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for taxpayers.


Obama Will Choose to Save Unions, and Destroy Small Business.

Obama: The First President Owned by Unions.

Obama Models USA after Michigan and California- Government Employee Unions Gone Wild.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

There was never going to be a heavy tax on high value “Cadillac” health insurance policies. That was just a smokescreen. That was just a “placeholder” until Obama could come up with taxes on business owners to replace it. Under Obama, it is always the “rich” who will pay. Whether it’s a surcharge on income, or a huge increase in Medicare taxes, or an expansion of Medicare taxes to include profits on investment income…you can bet your bottom dollar that it is “the rich” who will pay for universal healthcare.

The problem is this category that Democrats call “the rich” is primarily small business owners -- the same small business owners that create 80% of all new jobs. Without small business participating…and motivated…there can be no increase in jobs. There can be no increase in taxes revenues. There can be no money to fund Obama’s bailouts, or nonstop stimulus packages, or his gigantic expansion of government.

Unfortunately, Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel – bought and paid for by the unions. Without union contributions and groundwork, Democrat politicians couldn’t win an election. So Obama wants more unions, and more power for unions (see Card Check). That’s why he used stimulus funds primarily to hire more federal government union employees; to keep state government employee union members employed; and in many cases to actually give them raises!(Over 50% of all union workers are government employees!) That’s why he used bailouts to save auto union jobs- even though it is their obscene compensation, pensions and free healthcare that bankrupted the automakers in the first place. Let’s call it socialist logic- reward the very people that destroy jobs and wreck the economy.

Obama and his cohorts in Congress, Pelosi and Reid, are turning all of America into one big Michigan (the most unionized state) and California (a state controlled by state employee unions). There’s one problem- these states are models of miserable failure. Michigan has the nation´s worst economy; the highest unemployment; and the most moving vans headed out of state. As a result of union domination, Detroit is becoming a ghost town with its population cut in half. Detroit’s non-union citizens are running for their lives. Detroit is the first city to ever experience auctions for private homes for $100- AND FIND NO TAKERS. This is Obama´s vision for America – is it yours?

But wait, union-heavy California is even worse (if that’s possible). California is the best example of what happens when too many of a state’s residents work for government. California has the most government employees in the nation…as well as the highest paid government employees in the nation. What a deadly combination! The results? California had the biggest budget deficit ever, the lowest bond ratings, and is rated as the worst state in America to do business. They “solved” their budget deficit with band-aids, spit, mirrors and glue… for a few weeks. Now, it´s magically back… $20 billion and growing. California is only being kept alive by respirator and stimulus money from your pocket and mine.

The people of California pay massive taxes and don’t understand how this happened. The fact is the state of California’s economy is wrecked because its structure is fatally flawed due to the unions- even billions of dollars in bailouts from the federal government cannot save it. California is like a patient with terminal illness facing Obama and Pelosi’s death panels- it must be let go. California must declare bankruptcy and default on its debt. Then it must break all government employee union contracts in bankruptcy court. And start over.

Mr. Obama, here are some solutions to slaying the government employee union monster that destroys all it touches. End the conflict of interest allowing politicians, elected by the unions to negotiate union contracts. Limit government employee compensation (including benefits and pensions) to no more than that of the private sector. End government employee rip-offs like “step up” salary increases. No one gets these pay boosts in the private sector. Why should government employees get raises in the middle of a depression? End the fraud of defined benefit pension plans allowing government employees to use raises and overtime in their last 3 years on the job to determine pension pay for the rest of their lives. Make retirement benefits based on the value of contributions made during employment that are actually set aside each month and protected from government theft. Make future retirees pay for their own healthcare in retirement or survive on Medicare – just like the rest of us! Most important of all is to make sure government employee raises are based only on performance and they can be fired for poor performance- just like the rest of us, the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

Oh, one more solution...and it’s a BIG ONE. Effective immediately all government employees must work until age 65 just like the rest of us. No more retiring at age 45 or 50…and then collecting 40 years of a $90,000 pension. How outrageous. How ridiculous. How obscene. When I want to be paid, I work. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Why should government employees be treated differently? The days of $90,000 pensions for NOT working for the next 40 years are over. The world has changed- forever. Union contracts are poisonous to the survival of our economy.

Now those are the revolutionary ideas that Obama should be considering. In the midst of economic Armageddon all of the old rules are suspended. From this day forward, those groups who eat up the revenues of government and taxpayers (unions) should be reined in, and those groups who create the jobs and tax revenues (taxpayers) should be rewarded. Instead under Obama, Pelosi and Reid, everything is reversed. No wonder the economy is getting worse. No wonder the job picture is bleak- and getting bleaker. We have people running government who have never created a job. The only thing they know about business or jobs- is what they’ve read in a book. And the only books they’ve read are authored by Karl Marx.

We have a President who thinks his hero Abraham Lincoln saved the unions. No, Obama, you’ve got it wrong. The “union” he saved was America. If Obama wants to save America, it isn’t the unions he needs to save, it’s the private sector. He needs to reward the small business owners and investors who risk their life savings to create jobs and build businesses.

Instead I predict that Obama will cave to the unions, reduce or eliminate the Cadillac insurance policy tax…and punish the taxpayers and job creators who own the small businesses of America. Anyone want to take my bet?

But I have a surprise for Obama: You’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg. You’ve chosen the wrong side. Unions can’t help you save the economy or your Presidency. To the contrary, they can only drag the U.S. economy down- and your Presidency with it. You’ve rewarded the wrong group. Your decision will end your political future. Just like the states of Michigan and California, your political career…and the careers of every Democrat that votes for universal healthcare…are now effectively over. You don’t know it yet. You will soon. It turns out there are death panels afterall- they are called UNIONS.

THE B.C.S. is Just Plain B.S!

NOW IT'S TIME TO PLAY FOR A REAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Alabama Unmasked. ‘Bama Hangs On Versus Freshman QB Barely Out of High School? The Fix Was In. Where were Boise State and TCU? By 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee Wayne Allyn Root I was watching the BCS National Championship last night between Alabama of the SEC and Texas of the Big 12, and wondering who was the better team? But I wasn't choosing between Texas and Alabama. I was choosing between Texas, Alabama, Boise State, TCU, Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon and Iowa. Those 8 teams could have all PLAYED for the national championship in a marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary 8 team NCAA Playoff after the bowls (or instead of the Bowls). But that didn't happen. What a travesty. The other schools were denied the chance to play for a national championship because of politics, greed and jealousy. Every other pro and college sport in the country plays a PLAYOFF to determine the national champion- except college football. In this sport, polls driven by human nature and human error, determine who "deserves" to play for the title. Watching first hand last night how competely overrated Alabama really's time to start protesting loudly. Alabama had a great season. They have a marvelous defense. Nick Saban is one of the great coaches in NCAA history. Alabama is to be commended. But...they were thoroughly outplayed last night. The national champion…with 3 minutes to go…had not scored a point in the entire second half. This is your dominant national champion? Their opponent Texas suffered the most unusual streak of bad luck I've seen in my 25 years of watching football- losing the best QB in football (maybe the history of college football) on the first series of the game. You've got to be kidding me? I've never seen something like that happen...losing a QB that good...that soon into the game...on this big a stage…EVER. What a freak of bad luck. Colt McCoy had NEVER missed a game due to injury in 4 long years. Now on the biggest stage in NCAA football, he is knocked out only minutes into the game during a national championship? And their only backup was a true freshman who was playing in high school last year? And still Alabama didn't shine. Still Alabama stumbles to the finish line. Did you see the first half of football? Colt McCoy's backup Garrett Gilbert (who?) looked like a 12 year old playing football against a chain gang of adult prison inmates. The kid was frightened out of his cleats. He couldn't complete a pass. He stumbled over his own feet. He tripped up his own running back. He could hardly get a pass over the arms of the ‘Bama defensive lineman. This is who Alabama beat to win the national championship? A frightened high school kid? Even more embarassing for the second half the high school kid was dominating them! The vaunted 'Bama D gave up 2 long touchdowns to the frightened high school kid. This is the greatest D in college football? With 3 minutes left in the game, Texas trailed by only 3 points and had the ball and the momentum. But then the frightened, inexperienced high school boy showed up again just in the nick of time for 'Bama. Gilbert, the freshman QB, turned the ball over twice in the last 3 minutes to give Alabama two cheap late touchdowns and the national championship. With 3 minutes to go, big bad 'Bama was on the verge of being upset by a team without any semblance of a running game and a QB who can't shave yet? A quarterback is EVERYTHING in football. He controls the game, reads defenses, and leads the troops into battle. This young QB committed 5 turnovers. FIVE. And Texas still almost upset Alabama. This is the national champion? 37-21 could be the most deceiving final score in NCAA championship history. Shouldn't small underdogs like Boise State and TCU have had a chance to beat Alabama too? Is that a remote fantasy? Well considering Utah dominated this same Alabama powerhouse last year in their Bowl, I think it’s very possible Boise State might have rolled over the Tide. The greatest fraud in NCAA Bowl history was matching Boise State versus TCU in a Bowl. The BCS is a greedy, corrupt, arrogant fraud. The matchup of Boise and TCU proves it. The BCS was as frightened as that young QB for Texas- frightened that either (or both) Boise State or TCU would upset big powerhouses from the privileged BCS conferences (like Texas and Alabama) and make them all look like fools. So the fix was in. They arranged for Boise and TCU to play each other- so no BCS school could be embarrassed. That way neither Boise nor TCU could claim that they were robbed of the title. This was literally a criminal theft (of opportunity) versus Boise and TCU (and perhaps Florida and Ohio State too). The BCS and their privileged conferences are simply arrogant, greedy and afraid to share the wealth. But now the charade is over. It's time for the BCS to just admit the truth and remove the C from their title. It's all just B.S.

Time Magazine’s Big Blunder: The Ben Bernanke Travesty

Ben Bernanke is “Disaster of the Century”… NOT “Person of the Year”

Ron Paul Should be Time’s “Person of the Year”

By Wayne Allyn Root and Rick Williams

You can usually count on Time magazine to get things backwards, and they missed in a big way with their selection of Ben Bernanke as “Person of the Year” for 2009. Bankster Ben was wrong, wrong, and wrong again in his Federal Reserve policies and prognostications, with the result being runaway debt, endless deficits, and a financial industry scam machine that is rapidly reaching its proper status as laughingstock of the planet. Bernanke was not the first Fed Chairman to get a big boost from Time- Alan Greenspan once graced Time’s cover (flanked by Larry Summers and Robert Rubin) with the three of them touted as “The Committee to Save the World.” Well of course we know where that led- those three contributed to the destruction of the world’s economy. But that’s par for the course. The people writing the news love to predict and make the news. Unfortunately their predictions are almost always wrong. That could be why most mainstream media corporations in this country are now on the verge of bankruptcy. It appears that the same media”experts” that make terrible predictions, aren’t any better at running a business. One thing’s for sure: the dying Time magazine loves its bankers.

But just days ago, the Petersen/Pew Commission on Budget Reform warned in a new report that “over the past year alone, the public debt of the United States rose sharply from 41 to 53 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Under reasonable assumptions, the debt is projected to grow steadily, reaching 85 percent of GDP by 2018, 100 percent by 2022, and 200 percent by 2038.”

And long before the debt reaches such staggering levels, the commission tells us: “Fears of inflation and a prospective decline in the value of the dollar would cause investors to demand higher interest rates, and shift out of U.S. Treasury securities. The excessive debt would also affect citizens in their everyday lives by harming the American standard of living through slower economic growth and dampening wages, and shrinking the government’s ability to reduce taxes, invest, or provide a safety net.”

All of this financial tragedy is the direct and highly predictable legacy of our Federal Reserve System and their bankster cronies on Wall Street. Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan were the men in charge- and these are the very people who failed us every step of the way. Under Fed leadership, the U.S. financial system has buried our hard working middle class under a mountain of debt for the benefit of Goldman Sachs and a handful of “too big to fail” banks. It seems more than a coincidence that virtually every government official in charge of making these decisions, both here in America and around the globe, are former Goldman Sachs executives (and usually partners).

Yet Time magazine singles out Bernanke as the man to be recognized for his good deeds. We’re sure Ben’s supporters would say “Give him more time.” Well we agree. We suggest 15 to 20 years…in prison. A warm spot in a jail cell would be more appropriate for worldwide king of counterfeiters. Every day that the Federal Reserve prints more money, it is robbing the American taxpayer- and future generations- of our wealth, property and financial stability.

On the other hand, one politician has been fighting to protect the American taxpayer for over 30 years…demanding accountability from the Fed…trying to save the American economy from the Bernankes of the world. For more than 30 years Congressman Paul has been looking out for the little guy. For more than 30 years, Congressman Paul has been trying to get Congress to think about our children’s financial future, not just today’s re-election campaign. For more than 30 years, Dr. Paul has been dogging the heels of our runaway Fed and calling them to account for their despicable practices.

Congressman Paul has been sponsoring bills to audit the Fed ever since he first entered Congress in 1976, and on six occasions Paul has introduced bills that would have ended the Fed entirely. Standing largely alone, yet seeing clearly into the future, Ron Paul has challenged a rotten to the core Fed over a period of decades, while Congressional colleagues and a mainstream media, asleep at the switch, were busily applauding people like Bernanke and Greenspan as masters of the universe and oracles of the modern world. So who was right all this time . . . and who was wrong? The answer, we’ll tell you, is crystal clear: It wasn’t the Ivy League bankers or Wall Street masters of the universe. It was a country baby doctor named Ron Paul, by a country mile. If Time magazine cared at all about the American taxpayer, its true “Person of the Year” in 2009 would certainly have been Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

When Paul ran for president in 2007 and 2008, he was genuinely surprised to find that his youthful audiences were responding powerfully to his message about ending the Federal Reserve. An audience of college students at the University of Michigan went so far as to burn “Federal Reserve Notes” (otherwise known as dollar bills) as Congressman Paul spoke about the Fed and its counterfeiting. These students figured out what the adults in charge were doing to their financial future- burning it.

By 2009 these students were no longer alone. Everyone, it seems, was catching on, and even our palace courtier “mainstream” economists began to notice that the Federal Reserve was responsible for inflating the housing bubble and otherwise dumping our once great country into the throes of imminent bankruptcy. Even Barack Obama seems to be catching on- speaking just days ago about the imminent financial disaster of the costs of Medicare and Medicaid. Even a big spending, big taxing leftist like Obama agrees that unless we act fast America faces insolvency and bankruptcy due to a tsunami of debt. Unfortunately, Obama’s solution to “government-gone-wild” and government-run healthcare programs bankrupting the country…is bigger government and expanding government-run healthcare to everyone.

Unlike a real doctor like Dr. Paul, President Obama’s prescription will kill the sick patient. Obama believes that if a patient suffers from obesity, diabetes and a mouth full of rotting teeth, the prescription is ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Not just any ice cream, but triple orders of Ice Cream Sundaes covered in chocolate syrup for EVERYONE! And it’s all free to eat as much as we want, as many times a day as we’d like. How will we afford it? The Fed will print all the money we need. That may be how a corrupt politician bribes the public to get re-elected, but it’s also the exact economic model of the Roman Empire…or the Greek Empire…or Argentina at the turn of the 20th century…or the Weimar Republic before World War II…or Zimbabwe today. All of those countries and empires ended badly. Unfortunately America is on the same path to economic ruin.

More and more “respectable” voices are picking up Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” mantra every day, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. The truth is that our criminal Fed is already a dead man walking, and Ron Paul, more than any other single American, killed it. What an achievement for a lonely Congressman, armed with nothing more than common-sense, courage and honor. Perhaps Don Quixote isn’t so helpless or hapless afterall. Perhaps one lonely man tilting at windmills is exactly what is necessary to save our great country (and economy).

Ron Paul introduced two bills in the House during 2009, which will one day finish the job and end the Fed’s misery (and ours) forever. House Resolution 1207 generated more than 317 co-sponsors reflecting widespread bipartisan support for a Fed audit which would go far beyond the narrowly defined scope of Government Accountability Office reviews presently allowed. Specifically, H.R. 1207 would allow auditors to report on Fed dealings with foreign banks and nations, actions on monetary policy matters, and operations of the Federal Open Market Committee. For the first time, the Fed in 2009 faced a very real prospect that the American people will find out what it’s been up to, and while the bill has been temporarily stifled by bankster cronies and Goldman Sachs alumni, there can be no doubt that a line in the sand has finally been drawn.

Dr. Paul’s second bill, the “Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009” is even more far-reaching than H.R. 1207. Dr. Paul’s new bill proposes that the money monopoly of the banksters be ended forever and competing currencies be established to bring financial sanity back to the marketplace. America became the greatest nation in world history because of our economic freedom. Free markets worked. Here Congressman Paul is proposing free markets in money! It’s not a radical idea at all, and ending the money monopoly is an idea whose time has come. The “Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009” stands as the starting point for a new era of financial freedom and prosperity for America. A big thank you, Ron Paul- you’re far and away our “Person of the Year.”

Yes, the Fed needs to be ended. Until that happens, there are many other important steps that can be taken to restore fiscal sanity and encourage economic recovery for this great country. Let’s start with limiting the power of government; dramatically reducing government spending; cutting, instead of expanding entitlements; drastically cutting taxes, so that the people who earn the money get to keep more of it and will be encouraged to invest it in homes, stocks and opening small businesses (thereby creating jobs); restore the gold standard, so we limit the money that politicians can spend and waste; and perhaps most importantly, holding the politicians and bankers who caused this mess accountable. Let’s start limiting the politicians to two terms: one term in office…and one term in prison. Then we can start to put America back on track, and Americans back to work.

Wayne Allyn Root is a small businessman, home-school father, and citizen politician. He was the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate, and is a frequent guest on FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC and media across the country. His newest book is, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.”

Rick Williams is a lawyer in Los Angeles, and is Chairman/CEO of Basic Media, Inc. and