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The Obama Plan — Insanity or Karl Marx?


By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee



Everything is out of order in Obama’s world. Up is down, day is night, round is square. None of it makes any sense. None of it has any chance of working. Yet the adoring sheep who support Obama and the national media (I know- I repeat myself) goes along with all of it, believes the lies, and asks no questions. Obama says the world is flat- and the media applauds.


Let’s just examine a few developments in the past week:


First we have the housing crisis. Obama’s solution to the problem that millions of Americans can’t afford to live in their homes, or pay their mortgages (because banks were pushed by government to use the criteria of affirmative action to award mortgages), is to force those same banks to allow people to stay even longer in the homes they can’t afford. Not just insanity, but insanity squared.


The rule of law doesn’t matter. Contracts no longer matter. The ability to pay your bills no longer matters. Bankrupting our banking system no longer matters. All that matters is handing bribes to potential Obama voters. It’s all straight from the Karl Marx playbook (as interpreted by Columbia professors Cloward & Piven) – overwhelm the system with debt and entitlements, and make every voter possible dependent on big government.


Obama’s voters obviously believe money grows on trees. They also believe the way to solve a debt crisis is by printing more fake money, and therefore creating more debt. Up is down, the world is flat. The adoring media applauds. And you wonder why there are no jobs?


Follow the dots. Obama spends us into bankruptcy and increases the debt more than all other Presidents in U.S. history combined, then announces because we are now broke and heavily in debt, we must eliminate or drastically reduce the mortgage interest deduction on upper income taxpayers.


A successful business owner has to pay his or her mortgage and property taxes in full. Now you’re asking them to also pay for millions of others to live in their homes for free, or at greatly reduced prices, subsidized by the taxpayer. And at the same time, you are taking away the taxpayer’s mortgage interest deduction- so he or she is now overwhelmed by taxes and bills from all sides. Karl Marx is looking up and cheering from his grave.


But Obama is only getting warmed up. Next he came out with his solution for the student loan crisis. Students who borrow from the government (i.e. the U.S. taxpayer) will now only have to pay 10% of their income as a maximum, and have all their debt forgiven after 20 years. Sounds great! But once again, I hate to spoil the party, but where will the money come from?


Let’s do simple math. A student graduates college with $100,000 in debt. They land a $25,000 job. They are now asked to only pay $2500 per year (10% of their income). After 20 years, they’ve paid $50,000. But the original loan with interest has certainly doubled to $200,000 by now. The remaining $150,000 is erased according to Obama’s rules. Where does that $150,000 come from? It can’t just disappear. Someone has to pay the bill.


Once again, this is where Karl Marx comes in. As a “rich taxpayer” no one pays my bills. I’m stuck paying in full. My daughter currently attends an Ivy League university. Because I’m “rich,” my family pays full freight.  I have 3 more young children coming up behind her. Assuming that they study hard and also get admitted to top tier schools, our family will spend close to $1,000,000 for their college educations.


But Obama now says “the rich” should also pay for everyone else’s kids too. When Obama erases their $150,000 student loan debt, others are stuck with the bill. Multiply that by millions of lower income students and you get the idea. Obama’s plan is obviously to overwhelm society’s most productive citizens until they are rich no more and no longer able to employ others. Then everyone becomes dependent on government. Meanwhile Obama’s voters pay no taxes, but get all the benefits. Under Obama up is down, the world is flat.


But all that pales in comparison to Obama’s “achievements” in the Middle East. Gaddafi is dead. The war in Iraq is over. Mubarak is on trial in Egypt. Victories for freedom and democracy, right? Sadly, no. Obama and his inept lackeys have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. And who is most hurt — women. How you ask? This week, Libya’s new leaders announced that Sharia would become the law of the land. Egypt is moving in the same direction. And, as soon as the U.S. leaves Iraq, Sharia is sure to be made the law there also.


How does that affect women? Sharia law requires women to cover themselves from head to toe in burqas (so they don’t tempt men to rape them), forbids women from driving or even being out of the home without a male escort, makes them second class citizens by limiting their education and job opportunities, and makes it legal for women to be stoned and murdered in so-called ‘honor killings’ by their ‘enlightened’ husbands, brothers, and uncles.


U.S. taxpayers spent billions of dollars (we don’t have), risked and sacrificed American lives, to install Sharia law that brutalizes women and violates basic human rights towards women and Christians, in countries where the people hate us. Radical Islam wins. Civilization loses. America is a joke. Israel faces extinction. Obama calls this “victory.” U.S. feminists say nothing. Obama says the world is flat- and the media applauds.


Under Obama — up is down, day is night, round is square, the world is flat. It’s all insanity.


The only thing that makes sense that is true and clear, is that Karl Marx is at the root of all of it.



Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

The Obama Plan: Marble Envy?



By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee




Is an entire country being run based on “marble envy?” As a child I’m willing to bet that Obama felt short changed of his share of marbles. Unfortunately this made him obsessed with taking other kids’ marbles (or as he called it “redistributing them”). I’ll bet he was good at it. So good that no kids were willing to play with him ever again. He became a lonely kid, dreaming of growing up to run the country, make all the rules, and take marbles away from everyone.



Unfortunately people rarely change. The way you think as a kid is often the base of your philosophy and personality for the rest of your life. Because as an adult, Obama’s entire life has certainly been built around the idea of government stealing from successful people who worked hard and earned their money, to redistribute it to those who don’t.



First Obama tried to redistribute wealth before he was President, by leading the charge to force banks to make loans to lower income Americans who could not afford to own homes (through the Community Reinvestment Act). Affirmative action for homes didn’t work out so well. That idea imploded the housing market, and led to the destruction of the entire U.S. economy.



Obama did not realize there is a difference between marbles and homes. Marbles are free to kids. Homes come with a mortgage, insurance, repairs and property taxes. Just because you want something, or because it seems “fair” that everyone should have it, doesn’t mean everyone can afford it, or is responsible enough to pay for it month after month.



Then Obama was elected President- on the strength of his promise to give his voters all the marbles they wanted. Soon Obama was busy trying to recreate his childhood and wipe away all that pain and jealousy. He wanted to give everyone equal marbles. But to do that, he’d have to find a way to take the marbles away from those that earned them.



So Obama came up with new and creative ways to target, punish, and tax the rich, while at the same time handing out more goodies and treats than ever before to the poor (ie Obama voters). He redistributed trillions of dollars through the largest stimulus program in U.S. history; the largest increase in food stamps in U.S. history (45 million Americans); the largest free healthcare program in U.S. history (Obamacare); and let’s not forget welfare checks designed to look like “tax cuts” handed to people who never paid taxes.



Obama’s voters were swimming in marbles. His childhood dreams had come true. But there was a problem. Jobs were disappearing. The more marbles Obama tried to steal from the rich, the fewer jobs were available for everyone else, and the more people lost their homes. Funny how that works.



Obama was angry and confused. So he doubled down. More marbles would have to be stolen by government and redistributed. Since housing was at the center of America’s economic collapse under Obama, he turned his attention to the redistribution of housing.



But how do you redistribute housing? Obama’s lonely childhood made him very creative. He came up with endless ideas for redistribution of marbles. Part I of his housing redistribution plan is to rescue the Obama voters who can’t afford their homes. So Obama proposes forcing banks who are broke because government encouraged them to give loans to lower income people who weren’t qualified…to refinance those underwater mortgages without regard for whether this is economic suicide for the banks. Obama will try any reckless scheme to keep lower income Obama voters in their homes that they can’t afford- at least until the election. This is affirmative action for mortgages.



Here is where Part II comes in. Obama isn’t happy just handing marbles to the poor. He’s also got to take them away from the rich. So he desperately plans and plots to eliminate or greatly reduce the mortgage tax deduction for wealthy homeowners- thereby ruining the values of their homes, forcing many of them into foreclosures or short sales, and destabilizing upscale neighborhoods across the USA. No one interested in boosting the housing market could possibly suggest eliminating the mortgage deduction, could they? Well they could, but only if their obsession was to wipe out wealthy homeowers.



This is the ultimate housing redistribution plan by the Marxist-in-Chief Barack Obama. Think of the beauty and brilliance of this plan. Government keeps people who can’t afford their homes, in their homes, without regard for the rule of law or contracts. At the same time government raises taxes so high on wealthy people, and eliminates their legal mortgage deductions (that have been in place a lifetime), thereby forcing people who can afford their homes, and have responsibly paid their obligations, to lose their homes. Brilliant. Columbia professors Cloward & Pivens would be so proud.



The goal is simple. My hero Ronald Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes to starve the government and empower the individual. Obama has the opposite goal- to starve his political opposition (business owners and high income Americans) with dramatic tax increases and loss of deductions that damage them financially, thereby leaving them powerless to stop him from exploding the size of government.



This is the Obama plan. And it all started with a young boy’s marble envy.



Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

The Perfect President: “Herman Paul”


By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee


The mainstream media seems to love the traditional status quo robots (Bush, Clinton, Gore, Bush Jr., Obama, Romney) who got us into this economic crisis of epic proportions — while despising and disregarding non-traditional candidates such as Ron Paul and Herman Cain.


They make sure that only a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama with a certain look (well-groomed, attractive, nice suits, good hair), certain education (always Ivy League), and certain views (support the Fed, support corporate welfare, won’t cut spending too much, won’t rock the boat) are portrayed as “popular mainstream candidates.”


The candidates who don’t fit this traditional role are portrayed as crazy, kooky, and extreme with “no chance of winning.”


Yet, those status quo elitists with their Ivy League degrees and orthodox views led us right into this Great Depression II. Those “traditional” views about everything — taxes, spending, entitlements, Social Security, bailouts for billionaire bankers, the Fed, wars — led to the insolvency and bankruptcy of this great country.


Why would we celebrate and elevate the very same traditional thinkers who brought us to this point of disaster?


Even more damning, these same beliefs (taught at every Ivy League economics department) have led us down the very same path as Europe, which is right now at the edge of Armageddon.


Whether the masses of U.S. voters realize it or not, Europe’s very survival is at stake over the coming days — all because of too much debt, spending, entitlements, taxes, free healthcare, and government employees with outrageous pensions.


Look back at the past few years. We have lurched from a bank debt crisis to a corporate debt crisis to now a much worse crisis — a sovereign debt crisis with entire European countries on the edge of implosion .


When banks and big corporations go under, countries save them. But who will save the countries? The world economy is at death’s door. And, there is no cavalry to ride to the rescue.


Look at the leaders of each insolvent country now in crisis. They are the same person, cut from the same cloth. This “group think” of Ivy League spoiled brats, almost all born with silver spoons in their mouths, is at the root of all that ails America and the world.


World leaders lack common sense or blue-collar roots. Few have ever run a business. Even fewer are self-made. These types have destroyed the world economy. It is time to change our thinking . . . and change our leaders.


It is time to merge anti-heroes like Ron Paul and Herman Cain to create the perfect president. No traditional thinking found here. This newly merged “Herman Paul” is the kind of non-traditional, non-status quo president we desperately need.


Ron Paul was not just the first, he was the only politician to predict the debt bubble, housing crash, banking crisis, student loan crisis, and economic tsunami we are now experiencing.


He predicted the Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, and Freddy Mac would destroy the housing market. He predicted reckless government spending would drown the nation in debt. He predicted the high cost of college, driven by student loans, would enslave college graduates. He railed about “crony capitalism.” He predicted the Fed would keep printing until the value of the dollar was destroyed. He was right about everything.


You’d think the media would celebrate Ron Paul as a hero, hailing him for his courage. But instead he is despised for making the Ivy League elite look foolish, ignorant, and reckless. He embarrassed the smartest guys in the room, showing them to be the dumbest guys in the room. They will never forgive him for it.


So, the media elite do the bidding of their former Ivy League classmates, painting the guy who was right about everything as “dangerous” and “extreme.” So the very guy whose brilliant insights are most needed right now is slandered and ignored.


Then there’s Herman Cain. No spoiled-brat privileged background here. He’s the son of a maid and chauffeur who became CEO of Godfather Pizza — a self-made success. Those are the perfect qualifications for a president.


But the D.C. insiders, big business, and media elite hate Herman. Why? Because he is not a member of their snobby little club. He climbed the corporate ladder based solely on talent and relentless spirit. He makes the elite feel guilty and insecure.


So, they belittle the “simplicity” of Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan. They forget to tell you that Hong Kong has the best economy in the world with booming revenues and almost no unemployment — all based on the simplicity of a 16 percent flat tax, plus zero capital gains taxes.


Likewise they forget to tell you that the simplicity of Ronald Reagan’s tax plan to cut income taxes from 70 percent to 28 percent turned the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression into the greatest economic boom in world history.


Simplicity and common sense are exactly what we need right now in a president. We need the kind of blue-collar common sense that comes from a country baby doctor Ron Paul and a son of a maid turned CEO Herman Cain.


We need to run away from elitists with traditional ideas and orthodox thinking who have destroyed the U.S. economy.


America desperately needs a President like “Herman Paul.”


Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:




Read Wayne’s latest commentary in tomorrow’s (Thursday) Washington Times

The ROOT Tax Plan to Save the U.S. economy is called “0-15-0.” Wayne is “Raising Cain.”

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iPhone versus iPhony

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee


We lost one of the great American business and high tech icons last week — Steve Jobs. I’ve been a huge fan of Steve for three decades. I’ve spent tens of thousands of my hard-earned dollars on his Macintosh, iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, Apple Apps, and Apple Stores. I applaud Steve Jobs for changing my life, and my family’s life, for the better in so many dramatic ways with his creations and inventions, just as he did for billions of people across the globe.


As sad as his death is, it gives us what President Obama might call “a teachable moment.” Now would be a good time to reflect upon the strikingly different philosophies, accomplishments, and legacies of Steve Jobs and Barack Obama. Jobs and Obama are polar opposites in so many ways, starting with the way they’ve lived their lives. This is the story of iPhone vs. iPhony.


Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur extraordinaire, as well as one of our greatest capitalists and visionaries. He was Exhibit A for the amazing, remarkable, magical American Dream. Steve literally defined “self-made.” He was given up for adoption at birth. As a college drop-out, he started Apple in his parent’s garage. Today Apple is worth close to $400 billion dollars — making it the second most valuable company in the world (behind only ExxonMobil).


Yet, like most entrepreneurs, Jobs failed often. It never bothered him. He just picked himself up, dusted himself off, and got back on the horse. Jobs’ first computer wasn’t the Mac, it was the Lisa (named after his daughter). It was a failure. Yet from the ashes of that failure came the success of the Mac. Jobs was eventually forced out of Apple. He started a new company NeXT. It, too, was a failure. But he sold the company back to Apple for the value of the software, and came back as CEO to turnaround Apple (which had almost failed).


Along the way, Jobs also bought Pixar, an animated movie company. It, too, almost failed. But just as it was close to death, Pixar released its first film — Toy Story. Disney soon bought Pixar for $7.4 billion dollars, making Jobs the biggest shareholder of Disney. Jobs never let risk or failure slow him down. He was the classic American gunslinger-turned-riverboat gambler-entrepreneur. Steve Jobs used failure as a stepping stone to great success.


Steve Jobs was a self-made billionaire. He created or dramatically changed seven major industries: digital publishing, personal computers, music, animated movies, cell phones/smart phones, mobile applications (known as “apps”), and table computing. Jobs personally held 313 patents — including the electronic device (known as iPhone), portable display device (iPad), media player (iPod), and the touch-screen controlled by a user’s fingers on the screen. All of those inventions were created without the government’s help. His creations changed the way we all work, think, play, and live today.


Steve Jobs created millions of jobs with his technological advances; changed perhaps billions of lives; increased our efficiency, productivity and quality of life; and paid billions in taxes (both in life and ultimately estate taxes in death). He made our world a better place. Even my children love Steve Jobs. Dakota, my 19-year-old daughter, uses her iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple laptop. My eleven-year-old and seven-year-old sons Hudson and Remington Reagan live on their iPods and iPads. My three-year-old daughter Contessa uses her iPad several hours a day. My businesses are all run with Apple computers. And imagine this — all of those advances were accomplished without government involved. What a remarkable legacy. Steve Jobs goes down in history as one of the great American inventors and visionaries with Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and Henry Ford.


Compare this amazing legacy to that of Barack Obama. Steve Jobs was the great job maker; Obama the great job taker. Jobs was the great creator; Obama the great destroyer. Everything Jobs touched turned to gold; everything Obama touches turns to coal. Jobs’ great creations were the iPhone, iPod and iPad; Obama’s are iDeficit, iDebt, iInsolvency, and iBankruptcy.


Jobs lived for risk and adventure, and asked for nothing from government — the epitome of rugged individualism, self-reliance and American ingenuity. Obama lives for the safety net and expects government to do everything — from creating jobs, to picking winners and losers in the business world, to protecting us from cradle-to-grave.


Examine the results of Obama’s devotion to big government.  Obama’s legacy is the loss of our country’s AAA credit rating for the first time in history; the worst economy since 1929; the worst collapse of housing in history; the collapse of retail sales and consumer confidence; true unemployment in the 20% range; a resurgence of inflation; the great “green energy” fraud that cost taxpayers billions; bailouts of automakers that cost taxpayers billions; a massive failed stimulus that cost taxpayers billions; more debt created than all other Presidents combined; the greatest number of Americans in history on food stamps (45 million); the ban of offshore oil drilling costing tens of thousands of jobs; lawsuits against U.S. states Arizona and Alabama for trying to enforce U.S. immigration law; and not surprisingly, the fastest collapse on record of a new President’s popularity.


Obama has bested Steve Jobs in one way. He has done more damage to America in three short years than all the great things Jobs could create in 30 years.


Jobs Maker. Or Jobs Killer. Which vision better embodies the American character?  The iPhone or the iPhony?



Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web

Wayne Allyn Root was honored to be chosen to open up FreedomFest this year

Wayne Allyn Root was honored to be chosen to open up FreedomFest this year in front of thousands of enthusiastic and passionate freedom lovers. Here is the video of his opening speech to start the event dubbed by the media as “the world’s largest gathering of free minds.” Please enjoy Wayne’s speech. It is called “Why Government Fails at Everything It Does.” We hope to see you all at FreedomFest in Las Vegas next July!

Why the Politicians, Media, and Experts Are All Wrong About the “Occupy Wall Street Protests”



By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee




“Occupy Wall Street” is becoming the big news story. But the irony is that nobody understands what is truly going on. The media, both political parties, the experts, even the protestors themselves- they’ve all got it wrong.


Nancy Pelosi thinks these protests are like the Tea Party protests. She couldn’t be more wrong. The Tea Parties are filled with people who have jobs and pay taxes. They want government to stop wasting taxpayer dollars and be fiscally responsible. They are against all bailouts.  The “Occupy Wall Street” protests are filled with leftist malcontents and rabble rousers. Since the government is bailing out banks and big corporations, they say it’s only fair they be bailed out too. They want more money to be stolen from those that earn it, to be redistributed to themselves. They are screaming for their own personal bailout. Big difference, wouldn’t you say?




Former Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura compares the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd with the so-called Arab Spring. He thinks great things came from the protests sweeping the Arab world, and therefore great things will come from the protests here. Unfortunately, the Arab Spring is becoming a disaster for fair-minded, moderate, and decent citizens of these Arab countries…and for humanity. The Arab Spring’s mass protests are leading to radical Islamic and terrorist groups taking control of the region. These groups are dedicated to the destruction of Israel, enslaving women, religious intolerance, murder of Christians, and hatred of America.


Then there’s Herman Cain and other conservative Republican Presidential candidates. They see only the leftist influence of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd. They see jobless bums who want to live on the dole. They see Obama, George Soros, unions, and communist organizers egging on the protestors. This is all true. But what conservatives are missing is that the protestors have a few good points. The U.S. political system is corrupt. Big corporations, lobbyists, and lawyers are taking advantage of the taxpayers. The bailout of banks and Wall Street was a massive mistake. Billions handed out by government to Obama contributors under the guise of “green energy” is a looting of the taxpayers.


I’ve spent my life defending capitalism. But the system we have now isn’t capitalism. It’s “Crony Capitalism.” The banks, Wall Street, and big corporations have joined forces with politicians of both sides to fleece the American taxpayer. The billion dollar public companies in America aren’t conservative or liberal. They are just out for themselves. And the rest of us be damned.


These big companies took capitalist risks, lost big, then went to the government with hat in hand like welfare queens. The same banks that took billions in bailouts from the American taxpayers, then refused to lend to those same taxpayers. Many (but not all) bank and Wall Street CEO’s joined with politicians in criminal conspiracies to loot our country and defraud taxpayers. Conservatives need to face the truth. Just because we dislike the messengers, doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the message.


Unfortunately, while part of the protestors’ message is right, their solution is all wrong. By demanding more government regulations, they are playing into the hands of the big corporations, banks, and politicians they despise. These big companies and banks want more rules and regulations. That is to their advantage. They can afford to comply. The more onerous the regulations, the worse it is for their smaller competitors who can’t afford armies of lawyers, lobbyists and accountants. Big business and government have in fact formed an unholy alliance to destroy the competition- just like a criminal gang, or a mafia family. Their goal is to control a monopoly and force all of us to work for them, and buy from them. Ironically, these leftist protestors are doing the bidding of big government, big unions, and big corporations.


But as much as I hate to admit this, part of the protestors’ message is striking deep in the gut of middle class Americans. It’s resonating with small business owners like me. We all feel it- our country is slipping away; special interests are looting the taxpayers; big corporations are gaming the system; the little guy is getting hit from all sides. Small business creates all the jobs, yet big business is making all the rules and stealing all the money.


The protestors are mostly jobless bongo-playing fools…for the moment. But, they are merely the canary in the coal mine for the serious unrest on the streets of America soon to come. Soon I fear the mobs will include rioting taxpayers, respected small business owners, grandmothers from Ohio, and veterans from Iowa. Add to the mix millions of formerly gainfully-employed, middle class Americans, now jobless for months, or years on end.


The D.C. politicians had better be afraid…very afraid. If the Tea Party…who also hates the Fed…and despises the bailouts…and wants to stop the looting of America by special interests…joins forces with the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, all bets are off.


If that happens, both Nancy Pelosi and Herman Cain will be surprised at the depth of anger and despair. None of the fat cats or government bureaucrats in D.C. feel it, or understand it. They haven’t skipped a beat. Their checks are still big…and getting bigger. Their pensions are gold-plated. Their healthcare is paid for life.


Their friends in the big corporations, banks and Wall Street are still drowning in caviar and bathing in Perrier, because our government looted average taxpayers to bail out the CEO’s and bankers. But Main Street has gotten none of this stimulus or bailout money. The peasants with the pitchforks are starving. Soon I predict the storm clouds will grow darker, as middle class Americans on Main Street scream to the political class, “Can you hear us now?” By then it may be too late.




Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web