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Mr. Root Goes to “The Daily Show”


By Wayne Allyn Root


I recently returned from New York, where I appeared on “the Daily Show” on Comedy Central. “Is Obama a Socialist?” Answering that question was the reason for my appearance. The producers seemed eager to prove that Obama is not a Socialist and just as importantly, to prove me as being an idiot for believing (knowing) that he is.


“The Daily Show” interviewed a bunch of Socialists…plus a New York college professor (even worse)…who all agreed that Obama is not a Socialist. Obama just doesn’t go far enough for them. But I told them that’s not how Obama plays the game. That’s what makes him the most dangerous Socialist this country has ever seen.


First, let’s examine Socialism. One of Socialism’s central tenets is demonization of the wealthy. Sound familiar? Obama plays the game of class warfare like no politician in history. His entire agenda is about targeting, demonizing, denigrating and punishing the rich. For Obama hunting the rich is a sport. It’s like shooting rich people in a barrel.


Another central tenet of Socialism is redistribution of wealth, accomplished in several ways. First, raise taxes to outlandish levels. A socialist thinks what’s yours, belongs to the state. If Obama has his way we’ll all be paying tax rates in the range of 70% or higher, while losing all deductions. Obama’s answer for every problem is taxes. Every speech is about taxes. Every State of the Union is about taxes. Some people play golf, others play tennis. Obama’s hobby is raising taxes.


But, if a Socialist President is blocked from raising taxes by a Republican Congress, there are other ways to skin the taxpayer. He can erode the lifetime savings and assets of Americans by asking the Fed to print trillions of dollars of fake money. Inflation is a stealth way to bankrupt anyone with income and assets — without ever raising a tax.


Just as effective is spending the country into bankruptcy. Obama has added over $5 trillion to the national debt in only three years (primarily to buy votes) in the form of stimulus, green energy “investment,” entitlements, food stamps, supporting illegal immigrants, free cell phones, free healthcare. That debt overwhelms the system and cripples the economy. Obama is enslaving our children and grandchildren to big government and big taxes for years to come.


Socialism is assured when a majority of citizens become dependent on big government and are “bribed” to keep voting for the candidates that promise to keep the goodies and bribes coming. Sound familiar?


Socialism is about government control. It doesn’t have to be a direct takeover. Government can bail out Wall Street, banks, mortgage providers like Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, insurance giants like AIG, and automakers like GM & Chrysler. The result is government control through intimidation and coercion. Soon government is demanding student loans be forgiven, contraception be provided for free, people who don’t pay their mortgages be allowed to stay in their homes, and electric cars be manufactured — even if no one wants them. Sound familiar?


Or, government can just pass so many new rules and regulations that it’s impossible to do business anymore, thereby wiping out small business, jobs, and the U.S. economy. We are slaves and our master is the EPA or National Labor Relations Board. With business failing, we all become dependent on government jobs or entitlements to put food on the table. Sound familiar? Obama has enacted 60,000 new rules in only three years. A private company (Boeing) is stopped from opening a plant in a non union state. That’s not government control over the economy?


Obama is following to a ‘T’ the pillars of Socialism — redistribute wealth, overwhelm the system, destroy assets, increase debt, make everyone dependent on big government and big labor, and control the economy.


Socialists also violate private property rights. Obama did that when he stole GM and Chrysler from its investors and shareholders and awarded ownership to his auto union buddies. He’s taking similar action by demanding private companies (health insurers) provide a product (contraception), while banning them from charging for it.


Socialists discredit the opposition. Obama had Homeland Security put out directives to law enforcement declaring Libertarians, conservatives, and Tea Partiers as possible domestic terrorists.


Socialists take away civil rights. Obama extended and expanded the Patriot Act to listen to our calls without warrants. He signed legislation to allow for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charges. And, his Obamacare bill allows for the creation of a civilian defense force on U.S. soil that answers to…guess who? The President.


Socialists want to control and censor the media. Obama supports the Fairness Doctrine, which would cripple conservative talk radio. Meanwhile his bailout of newspapers and GE, parent of NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, allows government to manipulate and intimidate the media. And of course Obama has Hollywood under his thumb.


Yes, Obama is definitely a Socialist. But he’s a stealth Socialist. He believes in achieving his goals slowly, subtly. He believes in hiding and disguising his intentions. He believes in incremental success — like boiling a frog slowly, until he’s dead without ever realizing what is happening. And he understands that he needs a few key billionaires to support his agenda and give him cover (Warren Buffett, GE CEO Jeffrey Imelt, every rich big shot in Hollywood).


Four years ago Obama slipped up and said “I just want to spread the wealth around.” Just days ago he slipped up again, when an open microphone caught him telling the Russian President to just be patient. “I’ve an election to win then I’ll have more flexibility.”


This is the Obama plan. A second term so he can finish off what he started. Make 12 million illegal immigrants – disproportionate recipients of government programs – into voting citizens. Ban all oil drilling and watch gas soar to unimagined heights. Ban gun ownership. Raise taxes to levels that will discourage entrepreneurship and starve his political opposition. Intimidate big business into supporting his agenda. Silence conservative talk radio. Give our military secrets to the Russians. Without having to ever face another election, Obama is free to be the real Obama for the first time.


Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” are right about one thing. Obama is no ordinary Socialist. Obama is a hybrid. He is a Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/and Corporatist all rolled into one. And that, my friends, is the deadliest breed America has ever seen.

Why Rick Santorum is Bad Medicine for the GOP


 By Wayne Allyn Root

You have to put those Rick Santorum pills back into your medicine cabinet. Santorum is bad medicine. Someone wrote the GOP the wrong prescription. And taking the wrong medicine can kill you.

Rick Santorum is the wrong guy, at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He reminds voters- especially female and independent voters- of everything they hated about George W. Bush. And that’s saying a lot. Bush did so much damage to the GOP brand, he almost destroyed the party forever. It was George Bush who brought us Barack Obama. Few Americans voted for Obama, they just voted for ABB (Anyone But Bush).


Now the GOP has a golden opportunity. Obama has wrecked the U.S. economy from sea to shining sea. He has turned off voters by the millions. By historical standards, based on the current disastrous economic and unemployment numbers, Obama is virtually unelectable. Credit Obama with one thing- he is a magician. He has made voters forget Bush in only three years. That’s a pretty darn amazing trick. So Obama’s next job should be as a Vegas lounge act, but he’s certainly facing long odds for re-election to the White House.


The proof is in the polls this week. This has been perhaps the worst month for the GOP in modern political history. The message is no longer jobs, rising gas prices, chronic long-term unemployment, or crumbling real estate. The message is about women’s health, the right to use contraception, Planned Parenthood funding, Rush Limbaugh’s use of a crude term to describe a young female law student, and whether Republicans like sex, or hate women. It just doesn’t get any worse than this. And in every poll this week, Mitt Romney is leading President Obama.


The GOP has been handed a miracle. His name is Barack Obama. It’s almost impossible to lose to Obama. Think of his actions in the past month. He’s bribed women with free contraception. He’s bribed Hispanics by hinting he’ll give amnesty to illegal aliens in his second term. He’s bribed homeowners with a $25 billion bank settlement aimed at those who don’t pay their mortgages. He’s bribed environmentalists by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline. He hands out gifts like he’s Santa Claus.


And yet he’s still losing to Mitt Romney. You know, the stiff guy. The heartless “vulture capitalist.” The guy that his own GOP opponents use as a Piñata. After all that bribery. After all the harsh attacks on Romney…by Republicans. After all the stupid things said by Republican Presidential candidates and conservative talk show hosts. After all that, Romney is leading. That’s called a gift from God.


All Mitt has to do to insure victory is avoid talking about his wife’s two Cadillacs, his $250 million fortune, his money in the Cayman Islands, and his dog on the roof of the family car. Shut up and you take back the White House. You’d think conservatives would be rejoicing. Licking their lips. They’ve found a new Gipper, as handsome as a movie star, with the perfect family, and a 20% Reagan-like across the board tax cut. It’s time to party like it’s 1980 again.


Enter Rick Santorum. It appears that conservatives and Christians have decided to self-destruct. By choosing Santorum, GOP voters are trying desperately to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They must desperately want four more years of Obama and the Democrat Party. You know, that socialist organization that stands for massive taxes, spending, entitlement and debt, income redistribution, sky high taxes, sky high electric bills, free healthcare of all (at a cost of trillions), and a country based on social justice and affirmative action. Oh, and don’t forget amnesty for illegal immigrants and a union in every workplace. Lovely agenda.


Looking at that agenda, you’d think winning might just be important to someone other than Charlie Sheen. But the conservative and Christian base just can’t get away from Rick Santorum. They want to party like it’s 1875. They want to turn the clock back to Victorian America, Prohibition, banning of sin, and chastity belts.


Here is what common sense should tell conservatives. The Tea Party chose to purposely stay away from social issues. They literally banned talk of anything besides economics. They chose to promote smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, fewer entitlements and lower debt, not the right to contraception. Amazing how that works! It’s like magic. Embrace issues that a majority of Americans believe in, and presto — you win elections. Sure enough by avoiding divisive and unpopular social issues, the Tea Party led the GOP to the biggest landslide victory in modern political history in 2010.


Understanding that, why would you choose to change the topic to social issues? To contraception? To calling women who have sex “sluts?” To banning pornography in a nation that obviously watches it in record numbers? That was Rick Santorum’s latest gem only days ago. As President he says he will ban porn- from the bedroom to your hotel room. Now that should really turn on voters. The country has no jobs and Santorum wants to change the topic to banning personal behavior in your bedroom. “Ban the porn, because I stand for smaller government.” Now that’s a rallying cry for conservatives. Marching in lock step to mass suicide.


Think of it this way folks. America is like a bankrupt company, heavily in debt, bleeding jobs, desperately in need of a turnaround. What America needs is a businessman, not a community organizer. And not a Pope either.


What America needs is someone who understands how to turnaround a failed company. How to create jobs. And yes, even how to fire people doing a bad job (think millions of government employees employed in useless jobs, think poorly performing teachers). We need someone who knows how to slash a budget, in order to save the company (or in this case, the country).


To choose Rick Santorum is self-destructive. It’s painful to watch. It’s political suicide. My advice as an objective outsider to Republicans — go back to the medicine cabinet, take those 100 pills out of your hand, put them back in the bottle, and put the bottle back. Charlie Sheen was right. It’s time for the GOP to choose WINNING.



Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

Wayne Makes Appearance on Fox News web TV show “Fox News Live”

The Lynching of Rush Limbaugh over S&H (Sex & Handouts)


By Wayne Allyn Root, former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee


The progressive left’s lynching of Rush Limbaugh reminds me of why conservative talk radio is successful and leftists can never duplicate that success.


For years liberals have tried to compete with conservative talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, to no avail. Why is liberal talk radio an abysmal failure? Simple…talk radio is all about going to and from…WORK. People listen to talk radio in their cars during morning or afternoon drive time, to and from work. The magic ingredient leftists and progressives don’t understand is you have to appeal to people who work.


Who drives to and from work? Taxpayers! Taxpayers working to put food on the table, pay a mortgage, raise a family, and yes, pay the damn taxes. And, the vast majority of taxpayers are fiscal conservatives angry at the way government spends and squanders the tax dollars they have worked so hard to earn. That makes them fans of conservative talk radio hosts like Rush.


On the other hand, many (but not all) people sitting at home during commuter drive time are waiting for their welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, and other government entitlements to be delivered to them. Others, whose unemployment is running out, are plotting how to qualify for disability. These people tend to vote Democrat to keep that “Obama Money” coming their way. They are not the typical conservative talk radio listeners.


The sit-on-the-couch-in-the-daytime crowd watches the boob tube. That is why daytime TV is dominated by time-wasting, mind-numbing, soap operas and low brow TV talk shows (almost all of which have a liberal/progressive agenda). Daytime television advertising is dominated by ambulance-chasing lawyers aimed at Democrat freeloader viewers looking for another get-rich-quick opportunity where they can play the victim and blame anyone but themselves.


Having lost the battle for the talk radio airwaves…badly…the Obama-loving progressive cabal has now taken a different tact. Now, they want to destroy the careers of the conservative talk radio hosts through protests and email campaigns aimed at the advertisers. It’s a strategy called “If you can’t beat ‘em, lynch ‘em.”


As always, this is based on a major difference between liberals and conservatives. Those who work and pay taxes don’t have time to complain or protest. We’re too busy working so we can pay our “fair share” of the tax burden. “Fair Share” by the way means essentially 100% of the taxes are being paid by 50% of the population (almost all of whom drive to and from work) while the other 50% (many of whom sit at home collecting government handouts) complains and protests that we should be paying even more. And how about the business owners- they are probably the single biggest audience for conservative talk radio. That “greedy” top 3% of income earners pays more taxes than the other 97% combined. No wonder they’re angry.


The business owners and the top 50% who are part of the taxpaying group don’t have time to watch MSNBC, let alone send letters to complain.   But, many of the other 50%, the typical leftist voter, has plenty of time. They don’t work or pay taxes. They are sitting home collecting checks from government, watching Oprah, the View, MSNBC, and the so-called mainstream media, who all tell them how terrible conservative talk radio is. And, they have plenty of time to write letters and emails and make calls complaining about what they are told are the “vile words” of some conservative talk show host.


That explains why Rush Limbaugh is under assault for calling a female law student who had the audacity to demand the most insulting entitlement yet- free contraception- a bad word. Was it a bad choice of words? Yes. Rush should have just called her a “sexual freeloader.” She can have all the sex she wants…but she has no right to ask taxpayers to pay for it. That’s the only issue here. She wants S&H- “sex and handouts.”


The left is trying to destroy Rush by sending emails and making calls to his advertisers. It’s nice to know progressive Democrats have all this time to waste in the middle of the day. Me? I’d be working three jobs. I’d be burning the phone lines putting deals together. I’d be looking for ways to better myself. But hey, I’ve got a mortgage to pay, taxes to pay, and a family to support. Silly me. That’s how I made it into the 3%.


Have you noticed these despicable tactics are only used by the progressive left. Conservatives have not tried to destroy HBO host and big-time Obama donor Bill Maher, who uses much more vile language to describe women- in particular, Sarah Palin.


Or to destroy leftist MSNBC host Ed Schultz for using the exact same word as Rush to describe a female conservative talk show host.


Or to destroy leftist radio host Mike Malloy for mocking Christians of faith who were killed by tornados in the Midwest.


Their comments defined “vile.” Yet where are the howls of protest about these vicious, despicable comments? Where is the media, or women’s rights organizations? Cat got your tongue? The double standard is as wide as the Grand Canyon.


But it all starts and ends with the difference between conservatives and leftists. We’re too busy working and paying taxes to waste our valuable time protesting and complaining about Bill Maher. We’ll leave that to the leftist S&H “sex and handouts” crowd.




Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

Wayne on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

The Government Employee Scandal


By Wayne Allyn Root



How would you like to retire with $6 million? $8 million? $10 million? All you have to do is become a government employee to hit the jackpot.

You don’t believe me? Do the math. I recently talked with a retired New York City toll taker. His salary averaged about $70,000 per year over 20 years. But in his last few years he worked loads of overtime and added in accumulated sick days to get his salary in those final years up to $150,000. His pension is based on his final years’ salary. This is a common pension-padding ploy.


This retired toll taker will now get a taxpayer funded pension of $120,000 a year for the rest of his life. He’s only 50 years old. The average 50-year old male has a life expectancy of almost 80. With automatic cost of living increases, that’s a bill to taxpayers of $5 Million for the next 30 years- for not working. THREE TIMES WHAT HE EARNED WHILE WORKING.


But here’s a frightening question- what if he lives to 90? Or 100? His pension could rise to $6 or $8 million or higher.


Multiply this times 21 million government employees (on the federal, state and local level) and you now get a sense of one of the biggest spending problems bankrupting America. Obama constantly boasts that he has “saved” government employee jobs. Well that’s not a positive. It’s a negative. Every government job you saved costs taxpayers millions in bloated salary, obscene pension, and free healthcare for life.


Are these stories the exception, rather than the rule?


Over 77,000 federal government employees earned more than the Governor of their state (


On the federal level, it was just reported by USA Today that the average federal civil servant compensation is $123,049 per year ( That’s more than double what private sector workers earn (average of $61,051).


Since 2000, federal government employee compensation has grown by 36.9% versus 8.8% for private sector employees.


But it’s at the state and local level that the worst problem exists.


In Las Vegas (Clark County) the average firefighter earns $199,678 per year ( When he retires at age 45 or 50, we owe his pension for life. But here’s the clincher- when he finally dies, the taxpayer has to continue paying the pension to his spouse. Add up the damage to the economy. It is catastrophic. Talk about a 1 per center- a single firefighter could retire with $8 to $10 million for not working for the rest of his life. This is madness.


Now I agree that policemen and firefighters are heroes. But should all heroes retire on 6-figure pensions, paid by taxpayers? It would be nice if they could, but it’s unaffordable. It will bankrupt a nation. Ask Greece. Or ask California.


But the reality is that police and firemen make up a small portion of government employees. Recent studies prove the average janitor that works for government makes over $600,000 more in his career than a private sector janitor. Are janitors heroes too? This goes on at every level of government.


The Las Vegas Review Journal had three stories in one day recently that sums up this national outrage.


Let’s start with the Las Vegas teachers union. It was reported that more than a third of the union’s entire $4.1 million annual budget went to pay just nine union leaders ( The Teachers Union Executive Director received $632,546, while the CEO of the union-created Teachers Health Trust was paid $546,133. So next time you hear educators scream “it’s for the kids,” you’ll know the truth. It’s for the unions.


Article number two was about those highly paid Las Vegas firefighters. It turns out they weren’t satisfied with making almost $200,000 per year. They also abused sick leave, rigged work schedules to pump up their pensions, and appear to have engaged in widespread disability fraud ( Do you understand this kind of abuse is going on across America?


Article number three was about a now retired Las Vegas homicide detective and possible police brutality ( It had nothing to do with pensions. But interestingly, the retired homicide detective they quote in the story is 47 years old. He’s 47 and already retired? Want to bet that you and I are on the hook for $5 to $10 million in pension and health benefits from now until the day he dies- for not working.


These aren’t CEO types. These are average government employees retiring with the equivalent of $5 to $10 million. Do you know any small business owners who retire with $5 to $10 million? They are few and far between. But that’s exactly what a private sector employee would need in the bank on the day of his or her retirement to match the $100,000 per year pensions (plus health care benefits and cost of living increases) of government employees paid out over 30 to 50 years. Keep in mind that government employees never risk a dollar of their own money. They have lifetime job security. And they rarely work beyond 9 to 5, let alone weekends or holidays.


Yet government employees are paid millions by taxpayers to retire early, often on pensions fattened by gaming the corrupt system. This is a national disgrace that is bankrupting America.


This is the scandal that makes Bernie Madoff look like a small-time crook.




Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site:

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